The Graves at Goodyear

Boy, those GY Economic Development marketing people don’t miss a trick do they?


First Pebble Creek retirement community, then half a dozen assisted living places popping up nearby and now… I drove past this excavation site the other day and there it was. “The Graves at Goodyear”.

And all within an easy wheel barrow ride from each other too! You don’t even have to be able to drive to get to your next home.

What’s that?
Oh! It’s the GrOves of Goodyear.
Well never mind then.

US Foreign Policy Under Obama

Apology Tour
Russian Reset
Iraq Collapse
Iran Nuke Talks
DNC Fund Raiser in Manhattan


Nope, No Pigeon Problem Here!

I photographed a Pebble Creek home about 6 am today. I counted twenty plus pigeons on the roof of this one home.
But don’t worry, according to the PC HOA, we do not have a pigeon problem that warrants any action by the PC HOA. (See links below to related HGB articles on this subject)

Comment from a reader:
“Pigeon problem in PC land is rampant at best and it is getting worse. One of the primary reasons we left is the filth those nasty birds leave.
We did tell Robson – they simply don’t get it. Feel free to share in your blog.”

Pebble Creek Pigeon Solution Proposal | howardsgoodyearblog


And The Shell Game Goes On


Did you recently get the fiscal management political advertisement from the City of Goodyear?  (see photo above). I wonder how much of your tax dollars they wasted producing and mailing this piece of propaganda?

They want you to believe that everything is just fine and dandy in Goodyear and especially what a GREAT job they are doing managing your tax dollars.


So bear with me, and I’ll tell you what is going on using THEIR BROCHURE!

First, IGNORE the back side of the brochure that is titled, “Strategic Focus Areas”.  This is just a bunch of crap to sell you on their new General Plan (to spend your money). If you can’t even trust their numbers, which is the side I will focus on below, then you certainly can’t trust anything else they fabricate.

Let’s start on the left. “Where The Money Comes From”.  Total is $222 million.

First take out all the FAKE stuff.

The $2.3 mil GRANTs is fake, (they use the marketing term, “placeholder” to say FAKE) the $18.6 Proposed Infrastructure is fake, and get this….  the FUND BALANCE is $52.3 mil THEY HAVE PREVIOUSLY COLLECTED FROM YOU.

FUND BALANCE is just the city’s checking account. They are mixing up existing dollars with new tax revenue they PLAN to collect. It is money that they have OVERCOLLECTED from you in the past but it DOES make all the percentages look better for them when they add it in.  In essence, there are only two significant revenue streams for the city.  Property taxes ($93.7 mil) and Enterprise Fund (Public Works, $42 mil).

Take all the rest from their $222 mil and you get….  $148.8 million.  Remember that number.

Now, let’s go to the right, “Where The Money Goes”.

Start again with $222 (their number) take out $14 One Time Initiatives, (this is political speak for “slush fund”. ever wonder how council members can spend money that wasn’t budgeted when they ask about it in council meetings?  There you go) take out $16.3 mil Contingency (fake), and take out $20.8 mil “Potential” Funding also FAKE (don’t you just love their imaginative lingo?  Potential Funding. Tell your credit card company that is how you’re going to pay for something).

Balance on the spending side is now $171 mil.

NOW here is the important part.
Take out the $26 million debt service (which is interest payments only, no pay down of capital, we’re never going to own any of this stuff at this rate, we’ll have to re-finance it).  and you get… $145 mil.

Familiar?  $148.8 collecting, $145 spending.

Summary; Remove the debt payments and guess what?  Revenues and spending are about equal at between $145 – $150 million.  Simple?

On the revenue side you see, “$42 mil Enterprise Fund“.  This is what they are COLLECTING FROM YOU for water, sewer, trash, etc.

NOW, on the spending side you see, “$21.3 mil Public Works”.

Collecting $42, spending only $21.3?  What gives?

THEY ARE COLLECTING TWICE AS MUCH AS WHAT IT COSTS TO PROVIDE THE PUBLIC WORKS.  And that gives them an excess collection on Public Works of…. You guessed it, $21 plus million, which when added to the about $4 mil they are over collecting on other taxes is HOW THEY ARE PAYING FOR THE DEBT SERVICE INTEREST PAYMENTS.

Proper fiscal management?  No way. What they should be doing is LOWERING their capital expenditures first, and then reducing ANY spending on ANYTHING that is not Public Safety and Public Works.  Instead, GY spends $9 mil on support services, $9 mil on General Government, and over $6 mil on Development. That’s almost $25 mil folks.

So next time ANYONE from the city of Goodyear or City Council tells you how “careful” they are being with your tax money (and raising your property taxes this year… again) just tell them you are already ON to them.  They’re just overcharging for services that you rely on so that they can keep spending like drunken sailors.

And those are just the facts, folks, using THEIR numbers.

Have a good day and remember, YOU elected them.

No Reply

The former GY cop who spoke at council the other night simply asked for a reply from SOMEBODY, anybody, on GY city council.

None of the dwarfs replied.

Here now is his written request which he emailed to GEOrgia this am.

Citizen Request

Raise Taxes = Hire More People

The city of GY has decided to increase the number of GY employees by over 3%. Do you know of any private businesses who are increasing staff by that much? No. Most private sector companies continue to reduce staff.

And just their salaries, ex benefits will run far in excess of half a million dollars per year. And that is only in their first year.
And they are mostly admin. Two actual police officers, everyone else is “support”. See article below from AZCentral.

Did you also know that GY is raising your property taxes this year?

And what about paying down some of GY’s $300 million of debt?

Hey, you voted for them.

Here is the article:
Arizona Republic 07/02/2014, Page ZE06


Goodyear OKs hiring 16 employees

The Republic


Department: Various city departments.

What the city did: The City Council approved hiring 16 employees in the fiscal 2014-15 budget.

What it cost: The combined base annual salaries of these employees will be $661,841.

Why the city did it: The positions will be filled because the workers are “critically needed,” said Michael Sakal, a city spokesman. It is the first time since 2009 that the city will have 527 employees.

“The city is doing better — home values are up, construction is up … and our sales-tax revenues have exceeded projections — but the city of Goodyear remains cautiously optimistic. These are signs that the economy is slowly rebounding and Goodyear has been in good shape,” Sakal said.

These positions include: City Manager’s Office: digital communications administrator; development services: building safety inspector; Engineering Department: GIS analyst, traffic operations worker and traffic signal technician; Fire Department: fire inspector; Information Technology Department: two business analysts and an infrastructure administrator; Police Department: forensic specialist and two police officers; Public Works Department: fleet mechanic and sanitation worker; Parks and Recreation Department: management assistant and right of way worker.

An Impassioned Plea to GY Voters

By Julio Iglesias, former GYPD Officer

Remember, in the past people were called “crazy” when they claimed the world was round not flat, and that we could land a man on the moon…just saying. Labeling someone as crazy is a cowardly tactic. It is so subjective, unquantifiable, and requires no proof.

I mean, you can’t say someone is white when they really are black, short if they’re tall, etc. Goodyear says people are “off” because they can’t defend their indefensible actions.

In an argument or debate when someone has no ground to stand on or is backed into a corner they will revert to an “any means necessary” approach in an attempt to discredit their critics. Calling you “crazy” is akin to a child saying to another child, “Oh yeah, well you’re stupid”, while sticking their tongue out.

Goodyear management is corrupt and inept and has been for a long time (FACT). People like you, Howard Brodbeck, Terri Woodmansee, John Rowan, Nancy McFillin, myself, etc who challenge the status quo and “rock the boat” are always going to be attacked by the “tyrants” at Goodyear. They will attempt to discredit the FACTS we expose about their irresponsible, immoral, and often illegal ways by trying to discredit us. They keep hiding in the dark and we keep turning on the light and that is just way too irratating and inconvenient for them.

All I really know is that I for one will NEVER stop trying to bring light into a dark world, or at least in our little corner of it. My greatest hope is that more and more people realize what is going on here in Goodyear and start getting involved by speaking at the Council meetings, writing to their state representatives, contacting Investigative Reporters, etc. Or how about everyone start by simply logging in to Howards Blog and stating their opinions. I am shocked that you and I are the only ones who have posted a comment here. We need more participation and involvement with our local government if we want to see positive changes and advance Goodyear in a positive direction.


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