Goodyear Fire Department Growth 2006 – 2009

The average fireperson, including management, firefighters, and admin people in Goodyear in 2009 is about $78,000 (2009 CAFR, 2009-10 budget doc).

Since 2006, fire department spending has grown by 36% (pg 229, 2009-10 budget doc).

While the average salary is flat over this time, this is partly due to the fact that lower paid admin employees have been increased by nearly 100% (12 in 2006, 22 in 2009).

The totoal number of employees has grown by nearly 47% from 77 in 2006 to 113 in 2009.


One Response

  1. Howard,

    Thank you for providing the facts for us to review regarding the Goodyear City Police and Fire departments. How we are always threatened if we do not fund 100% of everything they want we will have to cut services. This proves that isn’t true!!!

    Transparency in Government Spending!!!! Really I don’t think so!

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