Goodyear Spends 62% MORE Than Avondale on Fire Protection While Handling 8% Fewer Emergency Responses

An interested person (like a Goodyear City Council person) only needs to look as far as Avondale, which borders Goodyear in order to find comparisons about Goodyear’s inefficient spend of city revenues on the Goodyear Fire Department.

Goodyear spends 62% MORE than Avondale on fire protection nearly $2 mil more per year.

All information is from both cities’ 2009 CAFR and 2009 Budget document actuals.

Residents   Goodyear 58,654           Avondale; 76,000

Emergency Responses   5,328                                   5,738

Fire personnel                      113                                            60

Total Fire Spend            $10.1 mil                        $8.2 mil

Spend per Resident        $174                                    $107                           62% more per resident


2 Responses

  1. Do you know that Avondale fire response time are well above national average, we work with out of date equipment including the airpacks we breath from in fires. We have on of the lowest fire stations per resident in the nation, that may sound good for the tax payer but if my child drowned in a pool I would much rather live in Goodyear. Howard you might want to look at both sides before posting the “facts”. Goodyear may spend a lot, but Avondale is well behind the times.

    • Thank you for taking the time to offer your opinion. I want to offer all sides.
      Goodyear is going broke. You won’t want to live here in two years when we run out of money and fire management will start laying off fire fighters. What I believe is that this large of a discrepancy is due to way too much top management. That is where I would start.

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