Goodyear Firefighters; READ THIS and Start Asking the Right Questions

In John Fishbach’s recent reply to me accusing me of distorting facts, he gives Goodyear line firefighters some good insight into EXACTLY what the citizens who have challenged Goodyear City Council’s lack of oversite of city and Fire Department management are asking.

And Goodyear Firefighters note, Fishbach cc’d your union president Steve Gilman on this information so if he has not passed it on to you, beware of his interests as well.

According to Fishbach’s own data;

1. There are 113 city employees in the Goodyear Fire Department. This is everyone, firefighters to secretaries.

2. The median Goodyear ‘firefighter’ salary is $44,930.  These are the sworn firefighters.

3. The 2009 – 10 Goodyear Fire Department spend is $10.7 mil.

So let’s do some math.  If EVERYONE in the department made the same as the actual firefighters, 113 employess, times $44,930 each equals $5.08 mil. (113 x 44,930 = 5.08m).

But the total spend is $10.7 mil!!!  WHERE IS THE OTHER $5 MIL GOING?  Civilians make up nearly 20% of the Goodyear Fire Department.  I would hope that most of the civilians are paid LESS than firefighters.

So again, where is all the other money going?  This is like a bad charity, where less than half the contributions are going to the recipients!

Goodyear Firefighters, this is your problem. It’s not concerned citizens like Dr. Hong. It is the bloated top management who has not been held accountable by a lazy, uninvolved Goodyear City Council.  This is exactly what I told all of you who attended the conclusions of the CBC meetings  No one wants fewer fire fighters so long as they are being efficiently applied.

Take your frustrations and your boycotts to the ballot box and vote in some fiscally competent council people who will prevent top city management from padding their own pocketbooks .


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