Brenda Holland “My Turn” Article in SW AZ Republic, Jan 5, 2011

Here is an article which appeared in today’s SW AZ Republic by Brenda Holland, a former Goodyear council person.

Brenda Holland opinion0001

A few questions, first.

1. How can someone be so ill informed as Brenda Holland, who was previously a city council member?  Granted, she is just repeating fuzzy statements from politicians that she is friends with, but wouldn’t you check some facts before you put your name to something in the newspaper?

2. How can the AZ Republic publish such ill informed statements?

Here are some of the unsupported and ridiculous statements from Brenda’s Jan 5, opinion piece.

1. “the number of city employees per resident has been significantly lowered”   This is Georgia Lord talking and it is only true if you accept the city’s assumption that Goodyear has 64,000 plus residents which, once the 2010 Census numbers come out will show that this is nonsense.  Check out Goodyear’s 2011 Budget document.  Approved positions in Goodyear have INCREASED EVERY YEAR since 2008 EXCEPT for 2011, when the Citizen’s Budget Committee told council to reduce them.

2. “Millions of dollars have been cut… and yet essential services required by our citizens have not been noticeably affected.”   The 2010 Consolidated Annual Financial Report (Goodyear website) says otherwise.  Here are the facts;

From 2009 to 2010, expenditures for public services like Public Safety, Public Works, Culture and Recreation, and Community Development were all reduced,[1] but in the same period, General Government expenses were UP over $1 mil or 7.3%.[2]

3. “our City Council and city manager… worked as a team to find the compromises necessary for success”.  Goodyear City Council has never found an expenditure it did not like.  How about continuing to spend $70,000 for art work at a $6.5 mil covered parking area that NO ONE USES while city revenues drop.

4. “they worked together… even if it meant raising taxes for a short time”.  News flash to Brenda!  All the taxes they passed are still in place.

5. Brenda supports Lord, Osborne, Lauritano, Campbell and Stipp.  These are all big spenders, people who have admitted they are clueless on financial analysis (Lord), supporters of every current public spending program (Osborne, Lord, Campbell), and many of them former public employees with friends who are on the Goodyear public dole (Lauritano, Stipp).

[1] 2010 Goodyear CAFR, page 9

[2] 2010 Goodyear CAFR, page 9


6 Responses

  1. Please read….. and pass on to all of your friends, family and Goodyear voters………. the results of City Council and Mayor election is vital to our city.

    Brenda Holland voted for the tax increase in 2008 and her voting record shows she contributed to a lot the indebtedness that the City of Goodyear faces today. Of course she is defending and supporting people who voted as she did. Self justification!!!

    I find it so very interesting that 2 years ago when Wally Campbell was running for City Council that Lord, Holland, Going, Watts, Azzarello couldn’t say enough negative against her as they were backing Pizzillo. What happened in politics that yesterday someone is a no good, unqualified and way to busy to be on council, but today since they have compromised their position they are the greatest candidate out there being backed by the same group that opposed them. Flip! Flop!! sellout!!!

    We have all seen how politics work!!!

  2. Dear Howard,

    Before you make comments about my career you should know a little about me. After I graduated, cum laude, from law school I could have worked for a large firm and made lots of money. I chose to be a prosecutor and serve the public because I had wated to do that since I was in about the first grade. In law school I volunteered for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office Criminal Appeals Section and interned at the Federal Defender’s.
    When I began to work at the City of Phoenix as a trial prosecutor I had my dream job. I then moved to the Domestic Violence Unit and soon became the head of the Unit where we prosecuted the most serious cases charged by the office. I made a great difference in many woman’s lives and am proud of that. I also sat on several Governor’s commissions on the issue, was appointed to CIDVC by the Arizona Supreme Court, was a member of the Threats Management Team as well as Phoenix’s first fatality review committee. I was a co-chair for the City of Phoenix Domestic Violence Task Force where we worked with the Arizona Diamondbacks to present a DV awareness night at the ballpark. I also wrote and managed STOP grants of approximately $500,000. I also trained both statewide and also as a faculty member at the National Advocacy Center in Columbia, South Carolina.
    When I left the City of Phoenix to go into private practice my ending salary was less then a new law student comming out of school.

    I am financially prudent as seen by the fact we started a business during the middle of the Great Recession, made it a sucess, and we did so without a single penny of debt. When we wanted a larger office we saved so we could afford to move into our current suite at the Westgate City Center.

    I worked for the ‘government’ because I wanted to be a prosecutor and help people not for a salry or pension.

    Please feel free to call me at 623-877-0500 and set up some time to talk. One thing about me is that I will always tell you exactly what I think.


    Sheri Lauritano,
    Bain& Lauritano, PLC

    • Thanks, Sheri for your reply. Ms. Laritano is responding to my remark that she is one of several running for office in Goodyear who are former public employees.

      We appreciate her remarks and think she is a stand up person for making them.

  3. I find Joan Schield’s comment about Wally Campbell interesting,. True 2 years ago I supported Pizzillo over Campbell. Now I support Wally because the times have changed. Interestingly Schield never mentioned that two years ago she held a meet and greet the candidate reception at her house for Wally Campbell Also in possible violation of Pebblecreek email rules she posted this political announcement on the yahoo egroup

    • Regarding Pebble Creek email, Joan is moderated so she violated no rules.

    • Roy….. Don’t remember having a meet and greet for her at my house, I go you one better Roy, I did vote for her. Because in 2008, two years ago Wally was against raising taxes!!! Wally didn’t support unions and Wally was anti over spending in the city’s budget!!! She was a conservative.

      Today in my opinion and many others Wally has compromised her integrity to get Georgia Lord’s, yours and the rest of that group’s endorsement.

      Roy, as you said above about yourself, ” True 2 years ago I supported Pizzillo over Campbell. Now I support Wally because the times have changed. ” Times haven’t changed Wally has! Flip, Flop, where does it stop!!! If she had the same value system the “crew” wouldn’t support her! She wouldn’t be a blanket yes vote on council if she gets elected, which I doubt she will.

      Several months ago Wally couldn’t stand Georgia Lord because she didn’t choose her help get on council to replace Rob on Council………….. now best buddies!!! hummmm………..

      Today Wally supports the tax increase…. flip, flop, where does it stop!!!! Has union’s endorsement, Lords and yours………… hummmmm I find that so very interests……….

      FYI…… I always get permission from the moderators before I post something on the PC yahoo e-group!!!

      Wally …. Flip, Flops where does she stop!!!

      Also, two years ago you, Lord, Going, Watts and the rest of that crew couldn’t stand Wally. You wrote so many letters against her to the West Valley View and Arizona Republic it wasn’t funny! You had a real ax to grid with Wally! But today best buddies!!! hummmm interesting……….

      Politics makes strange bedfellows………………… doesn’t it!!! Just follow the money!!! the favors!!!

      Roy, you do have my my personal e-mail, if you have an issue with me come to me directly!!!

      Wendy Freeman worked as “Senior Budget Analysts” for the Army at the Pentagon. She knows how to read, understand and dig for the truth to how the City is spending the hard earned tax payers dollars. Wendy is a Realtor, everyday she shows perspective home buyers. Wendy knows what attracts people and business to our city. Goodyear year has an nice supply of entry level jobs, we need a lot of living wage jobs in our City. Wendy Freeman has a son serving in the US Army in Afghanistan. Wendy Freeman is President of the Blue Star Moms.

      Wendy Freeman believes that the City of Goodyear’s best asset is the residents of Goodyear. Wendy Freeman believes in a City Government of the people, by the people, for the people…..

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