Cavanaugh Endorsements

Here is a link to the AZ Republic article in today’s paper by former mayor Cavanaugh.

I am neither endorsing nor writing off any of the candidates he endorses.  When I make up my mind I’ll let you know but I need a little more information from all of the candidates before I do that and I’ll withhold judgment until after all three candidate forums are over.

Some things he says are true, however.

1. The current incumbents have supported nearly carte blanche every spending proposal by the city manger and his staff while revenues have declined 30%.  How does that make you feel?

2. NONE of the incumbents have spoken up against the boycotts by the police and fire unions last year. Shame on all of them, Osborne, Lauritano, and Lord.

Call Cavanaugh a quitter if you like but these two statements are true.  If you send me blog comments calling him names I won’t print them.  Stick to and argue the facts, then I’ll post your comments.

How about you incumbents out there?  What do you have to say about these two facts?


2 Responses

  1. He did quit since he didn’t finish out his term.
    But how he did it is the problem via email on a sunday night

  2. Yes he just left

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