Estrella Mtn. Candidate Forum; Lord Takes Shot at Brodbeck

This forum was not as much of a yawner as the Pebble Creek one.

The challengers had a good night.  Rassas may not have hit a home run but he definitely had some doubles and singles. His answers showed his command of the budget and spending, he got some spontaneous applause with his boycott comments, and he came out swinging in his opening remarks this time, putting the entire incumbent group on the defense for most of the meeting and I don’t think they ever recovered.

The criticism seems to be getting to Georgia Lord.  She refused to answer a few questions, she was on the wrong side of the arts question verses everyone else and then she even took a shot at me in one of her answers saying I don’t understand budgeting.  You may say so, Georgia, but that doesn’t make it true like you’ve come to expect at city council meetings.  I did notice that you didn’t quote any budget numbers this time like at Pebble Creek.  By the way, Georgia, you still haven’t answered the questions I sent you about your comments.  One of your staff in the city manager’s office still working on the response?

Most annoying was Lord’s attempt to take over the meeting by trying to ask questions of the candidates herself but the crowd put that move down.  Just not like sitting up there at city council meetings, is it?

I’ll write more later, but next week’s forum at Estrella Community College could be a barn burner.


6 Responses

  1. When is the Estrella Community College forum?

  2. note there is one two year seat
    and three fiyr year seat
    just so everone knows the right information you said only two seats for the full term

  3. The crowd did not put her down u yelled out and the modorator told the audience to be quit and decided to move on

  4. Yep that’s how it was

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