Lord Still Does Not Listen

I’ll shortly write a summary of the Estrella Community College Forum that was held last night with an overflow crowd of perhaps 200 plus voters that saw the incumbents again squirm in their seats as 3 out of 4 questions asked by the moderator were on the fiscal woes of Goodyear as delivered by those same incumbents.

But first I must digress. As a result of a comment Bill Antonucci made at last night’s forum and after listening to more Georgia Lord non answers to questions last night, I realized that Georgia Lord, candidate for Goodyear mayor, repeatedly demonstrates a personality trait that has probably helped get Goodyear into the financial mess we are in today.

Lord simply does not listen.

In this case, I include in listening both auditory as well as visual (reading) listening.  Maybe Lord does not hear well (she’s 72 and called herself an ‘old woman’ last night), maybe she does not have the education and background that permits her to understand some of what she reads, but I feel it is more than that.

I think here is a person who would just rather talk than listen.

Last night, Antonucci captured it when he responded to a Lord answer in which  Lord chastised the audience for not attending enough past council meetings to “let us know which services you want to lose”.  Antonucci said something like, “if I am elected, contrary to others, I feel it will be my responsibility to come to see you and ask what you want, not sit around and wait for you to call me”.

He’s right.  And his observation is supported by recent observations of Lord’s poor listening skills.

  1. Nearly a year ago, I implored Lord to spend some time with me to go over what I felt were misleading statements about the budget by the city manager.  I had spent over 12 weeks in 3 to 4 hour per week meetings on the Citizen’s Budget Committee listening to city department heads make presentations about city finances.  You would think she would have at least made the time to hear what I had to say but she refused.  I think she replied something like, “I’ve heard enough, I don’t need to hear any more”.
  2. Last night in her opening remarks she spent most of her time talking about how politically connected she is at the state and local level.  I watched people in the audience shake their heads. Doesn’t she realize that being politically connected these days is a kiss of death in politics?  That’s not why nearly 200 people were there last night.
  3. Lord thinks that people calling her up on the phone with complaints is how to manage government.  She referred last night to the number of people she takes calls and letters from who want something done in Goodyear.  Well, that just leads to more government “doing”.
  4. In all three forums, more than any other candidate by far, Lord simply refused to answer or tip toed around answers to questions that the moderator asked.  Last night the first question to candidates was a general one about city finances.  The second question came back and asked the candidates for ‘specifics’ that they would propose in order to solve our financial mess. Instead of listing specifics like all the other candidates, which you would think a former vice mayor should have at her fingertips, Lord danced around the issue and instead told the audience that they would have to decide which city services they would have to lose in order to lower city expenditures.  Not listening to the question again?
  5. In another part of that same answer, Lord referred to me again by saying that, “some citizens are cherrypicking financial information in order to make their point”.  Cherry picking?  Really?  What is cherry picking about publishing a one page summary of the 3 year history of Goodyear’s finances? GY Budget on a Napkin Rev 30001 Finance Facts

You’re still not listening, Georgia.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t get it. All around the country incumbents feet are being held to the fire in local elections. Here in Goodyear we have incumbents running for office that have led/driven a deficit of $13M by past actions. We have candidates that can’t even answer basic budgetary questions in public forums…………and the AZ Rep endorses these candidates??? I still don’t get it.

    • You are so right S West!!! Media….. driven agenda… Happy to see you know the difference and are spreading the word….

      Keep up the good work. Tell all your friends, neighbors and all voting individuals in Goodyear. Vote for statesmen not old established know my way around city hall and with the unions individuals.

      Vote for individuals who are educated in business management and have “some skin in the game”!! Where the success of the city, the tax structure and having all of our strip malls filled with tenants makes a difference to the success of their business. That makes a difference to our city!! All retired people in PebbleCreek, or ? well their and my retirement keeps on the same regardless of the cities taxes, if business come or go in our city, Young entrepreneurs, people who know have to run a successful business witl do the same for our city…. Their business and families count on the cities success so we can count on them to successfully manage our cityt!!!

      Bill understands about success too!! as he knows what that word means and what it takes to get there. He has attended most all city council meetings. I have seen him in action is will represent “ALL” of the citizens of Goodyear all along with Sean Rassas, Wendy Freeman and Jon Bohm.

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