Promote the Busboys

The Arizona Republic has endorsed all the incumbents running for election in Goodyear.  As I read it, they did so mostly based upon the fact that they all have previous government service (here) and we need “continuity”.

By the AZ R’s logic, one should promote the busboy to restaurant manager over a college graduate with a degree in restaurant management who is just out of school because the busboy’s been there.

Nonsense.  What are they thinking?   email Jennifer Dokes and tell her what you think.

Developer backed, politically connected, question avoiding, listening impaired, can’t understand the budget candidate Georgia Lord?  This is terrible.  Didn’t AZR attend any of the candidate forums?  Rassas or Gibbs are FAR better choices than Lord.

Here are my picks.

Mayor.  Rassas. He is head and shoulders above Lord and a better choice than Gibbs.  If Gibbs really wants to change the city, he should concede to Rassas now and tell his supporters to back Rassas.  Sorry, Gary, but as demonstrated in the forums, Sean has a plan, he has researched and understood what needs to be done, and he knows what CFDs are.

2 Year Council.  Wendy Freeman.  Wally may be a great volunteer and a nice lady and has spent a lot of time working in city programs but I feel Wendy’s background is better for the financial analysis we need in the city right now.  Wally has also become more conservative in her public statements since starting the campaign and I fear anyone who served on a city committee that endorsed a public safety tax will not have the cahoonas to reduce spending when push comes to shove.

4 year Council.  Antonucci, Matlin, Bohm.  In that order.  Antonucci and Matlin because I think they will stand up to the City Manager no matter what. Bohm because he’s the next best candidate, sincere, and not part of the current crowd. If you MUST choose an incumbent, pick Lauritano.  Stay away from Osborne and especially Stipp.  Stipp is joined at the hip with the police and fire organizations in Goodyear.  Not what we need right now.  Osborne does not know what she is doing.  Frankly, she behaves like a ditz. At the last forum Osborne again embarrassed herself when she said, “Construction Sales Taxes are down $20 mil”.  Construction sales taxes were $17 mil TOTAL in 2008, the highest ever for Goodyear.  How could they be down by more than they’ve ever been?

Please vote.


28 Responses

  1. Don’t ever start your own blog. Your faith in human decency will take a big hit. I posted a comment at 8 pm last night by kaymro4 regarding Lord’s endorsement. Yet here is the kind of trash talk I get this am from Roy Azzarello, a frequent W Valley View contributor and fan of Stipp and Lord.

    from Roy Azzarello
    date Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 10:50 PM
    subject Mayoral race
    I know you are very concerned about Goodyear’s future and are working hard to present all the facts to the voters on your blog in a very impartial manner. You are doing a good job. Here is something you will probably want to get on your blog immediately. Do you know who the Arizona Republic endorsed for mayor of Goodyear? Go ahead take a guess. The answer is , are you ready for this ????? You guessed it

    and this after I told him he should get a life;;
    I would love to keep up this dialogue with you , but I have to go to Albertson’s to do my weekly shopping. Tell you what. Why don’t you think up something funny to say and when I get back in a few hours I will read it. Surprise me with a really witty comment. Thanks Roy

  2. My comments are in bold.

    Sounds like the Republic got it right. Your picks seem a lot like Cavanaugh’s…not too surprising. Yeah, Jim and I are great buddies since I wrote last year in the AZ Republic that ALL of city council should be voted out. I’ve met him twice. We sat down together and conspired to pick the same or similar candidates. You should be very afraid, Tom.

    Rassas: Has lived here for 5 years, never voted and only recently registered (Nov 29th) after he pulled his election packet. That somehow makes you better than him, Tom? Sounds like he heavily involved in the community (sarcasm). He actually is. In addition, he is using the same cut and run technique as the former mayor, he is moving his business from Goodyear to Avondale. That’s not true. Great pick Howard.

    Freeman: Another real estate agent. Didn’t we learn our lesson from all the shady land dealings that Cavanaugh may or may not have been involved in? Like the Jack Rose Goodyear Ballpark fiasco? But the developers backed Wally and Lord. Why might that be?

    John Bohm: wants a mayor strong form of government and doesn’t want the city to cut education (the city has nothing to do with education) enough said.

    Roger Matlin: Stood up at the first forum and said that the state was going to take over the city of Goodyear. That’s just one of his many conspiracy theories. Roger won’t take any guff from Fischback, that’s what I like about him.

    Antonucci: He is a mechanic/teacher of mechanics. Sound fiscal thinking there Howard. Have you listened to him? I guess you think Osborne is a genius.

    I challenge you to see how long this will stay up on your blog since you don’t like dealing with the truth. YAWN

    • My comments in bold
      Yes Howard, the developers are looking for people who will actually grow the economy not profit from their position of power(Cavanaugh) I don’t think Jim is running this time around. so they picked Lord and Wally. Owning a bar/restaurant does not make you involved in the community they do a lot of benefit stuff at GC you might want to check your facts before you continue bloviating. just because people hang out there (Rassas). And I think it is prudent that someone who is involved in government actually take the time to vote. Yes, I have listened to Antonucci, he thinks he is funny but he has yet to comment on anything relevant. No comment on the fact that he is a mechanic/mechanic instructor with no financial background? I don’t know what he was. The important thing is if he is a mechanic as you say, he’s a FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE MECHANIC. Matlin is a hilarious choice, even for you. He is a conspiracy nut, rarely makes any sense at any of the council meetings (which you would know if you ever went to some since the CBC) I don’t get the big deal about attending council meetings, You can watch them from home on video, and if you do go, you don’t get to interact with council anyway except for a 3 minute speech with no feedback.Tom, this is a community blog. I suggest you stop name calling and present some facts and arguments. You’re not going to convince anyone the way you are going.

  3. Hi Howard
    Due to a problem I was unable to atten this meeting, I am sorry that no one has anything to say about the City Manager?? he is paid way to much and why does everyone think he can do no wrong Please tell me which of the people running will addresss this problem. Thanlk you again

  4. Strong candidates that have an educated, business backgrounds. If they can think and deduce for themselves, they won’t just take everything Fischbach says as gospel and rubber stamp it. The only ones qualified are Rassas, Freeman, Bohm and Antonucci.

  5. It astounds me that here in Goodyear we have incumbents running for re-election that have led/driven an on-going deficit of $13M by past actions/votes. Some candidates can’t even answer basic budgetary questions in public forums…………and the AZ Rep endorses these candidates??? But they are nice people so I guess that makes it okay. Wow.

    • Thank goodness most of the people that read this blog haven’t drank (drunk, wrong tense, Tom) the cool aid and know that most things Howard talks about are half-truths. Once more, Tom, you’re just name calling. Give examples, tell the readers what you know for sure. Don’t be like Georgia Lord and intimate that “someone” does not know what he is talking about when she would not know how to read a financial statement if it stared her in the face. You could start by telling everyone who you are so you are not just hiding behind a fake email address. If you want to keep talking that way, go start your own blog. If you keep up the foul comments I’ll have to delete them.

  6. Howard,
    It’s easy to run around and say you are fiscally conservative. “we need smaller government” and “I will cut spending” but I have yet to hear one of the “fiscally conservative” candidates say exactly how they are going to cut spending. Are Rassas and Freeman going to go after public safety again? Tom, be realistic, I think whoever gets elected will have to do this. Goodyear is $300 mil in debt and we are paying more in INTEREST payments than police and fire COMBINED and the current city council doing nothing is making it worse for city employees with every day that they have done nothing and sat there with their fingers crossed. Are they going to close the library, parks or other non essential perks we have in the city? Probably Will they put off capital improvement projects like road maintenance/upgrades? This is actually has the least impact to residents and it reduces current and future spending and save jobs and city services. Do you want a few potholes or continue to pay firemen? That is exactly what Rassas has been saying. The idea of privatization of the ballpark can not be done, even though it would be great so how EXACTLY are they going to do it? And what are your candidates proposing? They are spending another $59 MILLION. Yes, MILLION again in capital projects this year This is very similar to the current predicament in Washington. Everyone wants to cut but lets not touch social security or medicaid…both losing systems. I am still looking for an answer with substance from any of the candidates you have endorsed. And again, in the meantime, or better yet, while they had the ability on council to do something, Tom, for the last at least 3 years, please enlighten us with what YOUR candidates have done or are doing? Still afraid to give us your name, Tom?

  7. You are right, we should just raise taxes again. Let the burden fall on citizens and businesses. When you don’t have enough money coming in you have to cut something. At home you start with vacations and not going to the movies. Driving less to save gas.
    On a govt level you have to make cuts to. To say cutting public safety is ignorant. The issue was replacing $1.5 million worth of police vehicles that were not yet due to be replaced. That horse has been beaten to death.
    At least Rassas and Freeman are coming up with ideas. I have yet to hear Georgia address a single issue. What is her solution? Let Fischbach take care of it?

    • good examples. Maybe Tom can come up with some.

      • my comments in bold. Tom is still not willing to come out from behind his fake email address and tell us who he is.

        I can certainly come up with a few.. Tom, you have NOTHING in here from your candidates. That was your previous point, the challengers were saying stuff but in your opinion none of it was any good. I asked you what about YOUR candidates? Anyone? Anyone? Had anyone done research about the vehicle replacement fund they would have known it was NOT just for police vehicles but the entire city’s fleet. It does not give me great comfort to know that the city has two front line fire engines with 130,000+ miles on them and should be replaced soon. And like I have heard council members say we can not just go to Hertz and pick up a fire truck if we need one. Attempting to deplete that fund was irresponsible, it’s robbing Peter to pay Paul. Had Freeman and Rassas researched this rather than blindly following the former mayors info (like you always accuse the other incumbents doing with the city manager) they would have know this.

        Second, everyone keeps stating we are highly taxed. So, it looks like higher taxes are OK with you, eh, Tom? What part of the city employs you, anyhow? You won’t tell us who you are so I guess I can assume you are a city employee of some kind Do you realize Buckeye and El Mirage are at 3.0%, Litchfield Park 2.8 %Avondale 2.5% (like us) Surprise and Glendale 2.2%? So our surrounding communities are pretty much right with us. I recall the info on the .05% tax increase costs the average citizen $72 a year…I really doubt that is causing anyone a huge financial hardship.

      • Now we’re getting somewhere, Tom. You are offering your arguments to support your position instead of just tearing down others’ position. Easy on the name calling, though.

        Yes, every time someone someone sides with the city they are an employee. But you did not deny it.

        I choose not to reveal my real name yet because I have seen the barrage of emails you send out when someone disagrees with you. So are you on my email list? Can’t take the heat?

        You constantly berate the other candidates for not knowing how to read a budget Actually, just Osborne and Lord because they make ridiculous statements in public which support that conclusion and Lord has actually admitted it. or understand what is going on yet you endorsed Bohm. Bohm stated in his first meet the candidate article that he wanted to make sure that education wouldn’t be cut (cities have zero to do with school funding). I am sure the incumbents at least understand that.


        The incumbents stated how important the vehicle replacement fund is. They warned about letting it go and trying to play catch up.

        They also voted against the city center/mortgaging the cities future with even more debt.

        The current council running for re-election also help bring some pretty large businesses here lately. even though we are so “business unfriendly” (Suntech, Subzero, a few around the air park, expansion of Macy’s or Amazon’s distribution center (can’t remember which)

        Lord, like it or not, has tremendous economic development experience. Her work in that area will continue to help Goodyear recover…and we are recovering. She has been on the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC).

        Stipp has municipal experience. You keep calling him a labor patsy but he was management and they are usually on opposite ends. He has more city budget experience than any of the non-incumbents and probably more than everyone but Pizillo.

        Campbell has at least been involved in the community for years. If you say it’s OK to have a fiscally conservative mechanic then why not a fiscally conservative, community oriented person?

        Lauritano: small business owner and attorney, incredibly intelligent and understands what it takes to operate in a city since she has been involved with both Phoenix and Peoria,

        Higher taxes to the tune of $72 a year so I can have my services are absolutely OK with me. Is $72 really hitting you or anyone else that hard?

        I see you failed to comment that we are par with the surrounding cities around us in relation to sales tax rates. Tom, really, that is like saying since you drive DUI it is OK if I do it too.

  8. And please do not delete this since we are just starting an informed discussion…no matter how much you disagree with me. I don’t think so, Tom, this is just getting to be fun.

  9. Oh, you failed to comment on the vehicle replacement fund as well. Makes sense now why we shouldn’t cut it…doesn’t it? eliminate it.

  10. You still haven’t given a reason why you are endorsing Bohm. The man thought we handled education spending. Why Antonucci and Matlin over Lauritano? Neither have any municipal experience. Just because they will stand up to the city manager is not a good enough reason in my book.

    • You are entitled to your opinion. Go back and read my column in the AZ Republic from last year. I said, we needed to vote ALL the incumbents out of office and I have not changed my mind. They all collectively got us to the dire financial straits we are in now (I don’t think people yet realize how bad it is here in Goodyear) and we should not trust them with the keys to the sports car any longer.

  11. Then you are picking Rassas over Gibbs? He said in an interview with the West Valley View that he thinks one way in public, denouncing the food and beverage tax, but in private says we can not afford to repeal it. Why the two personalities? Sounds like a true politician. I told you earlier it is easy to tell the people what they want to hear.

  12. It seems Rassas is a very credible threat based on how hard people are trying to discredit him.
    I am happy to see that he does not have any of his supporters taking personal shots at Georgia – that speaks volumes in my mind.
    The article in the WVV editorial was the most biased, ridiculous thing I have read.
    Why do people go after Rassas? He is a threat. He signifies change. People are afraid of change. Change is what Goodyear needs.
    Keep you head high and stay on the high road Mr Rassas – you are a class act.

    • Shirley J
      I could not agree more. Sean Rassas is one of the most decent human beings I have met. To attack his service to our country and his voting record and every way they are going after him is a complete travesty. What a wonderul image for Goodyear he and his lovely wife Tara and his four children present for the city of Goodyear. I am honored to be part of his team.

  13. I just got my ballot in the mail and I’m pretty excited. I filled in my little arrows that pointed to Sean Rassas, Wendy Freeman, Bill Antonucci, Roger Matlin and Jon Bohm. Now we wait and hope for new, comprehensive, smart, understandable leadership who will put Goodyear first as far as financial stability, small business owner protection, maybe even our promised new mall that will do nothing but bring in the revenue we desperately need as well as provide much needed jobs to seniors , regular folk trying to make a living and our teens who want so much to be part of a hopeful, prosperous future. All we can do now is wait and hope. I encourage everyone to get out the vote. It really is an honor and privilege that we have. Just take a look at Eygpt.
    Now, I’m going to turn on the news to watch and see if “the Donald” is serious.

    • Thank you Suzie for your vote and I do believe the Donald is serious. He’s been sounding great every time I hear him on talk radio these days.

      • All I can say is WOW! Remember when they said he’s just an actor, no one will vote for him? I still miss Ronald Reagan and I see a lot of him in Donald Trump. He is an upbeat, positive, optimistic person who would turn this country around and back to the importance of pride in our nation and I believe spurring the people to want to be a part of the excitement again.
        I’m so glad to be alive to see all this and I bet our fore fathers are finally able to exhale and are sitting on the edges of their chairs waiting to see what happens next.
        Let’s not disappoint them this time.

      • See and hear candidates Bill Antonucci and Wendy Freeman on Phoenix radio KXXT
        1010AM, aired 4PM, February 10, 2011

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