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  1. I hope your poll is right, that was my vote

  2. Georgia is in for a rude awakening. She doesn’t come close to owning Pebble Creek. There are a lot of us that respect Sean Rassas and have cast our votes for him.
    As far as anyone under the age of 55, I think she will be lucky if she gets 10%.

  3. Who ever heard of someone with the most experience as running an organization?
    By that logic a teacher that is at a school the longest should become the principal?? I think not. There is a lot to be said for proper education and business experience.
    Georgia being on committees and sitting on the council in no way qualifies her to be mayor.
    Mr Rassas is prior military and has been active duty until recently, we all know that most military members are registered in their state of record. It is very common.I don’t see how that shows that he doesn’t care about Goodyear. He has much more of a vested interest in this city than Georgia. And a much better understanding of how the deicisions the council makes effects businesses and the future of the economy.

  4. The above messages, sounds as if Pebble Creek is all there is to Goodyear. This Lord person can not disconnect from the Manager and oldies. Time for some new blood , including the manager in our City Operations. Pebble Creek people are no longer the only one’s in Goodyear,
    Ralph Cote

    • Thank you for that, Ralph.
      Please forward this blog link to your friends who have not voted and get them to VOTE!

    • I am not saying/recommending who to vote for, the only recommendation I would have is do your own research…Howards word is not Gospel and he tells half-truths tweaks numbers to fit his purpose.

      • Mike you’re comments of personal slamming don’t carry any weight. People like yourself attacking Howard personally, but never his facts. Even Larry Lange the cities CFO agrees with Howard’s figures. I personally know Howard and he is individual of high integrity.

      • So Joan Shield what you are saying is you are BOYCOTTING Cox because they exercised their right of free speech? Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it?

        And you are OK with some businesses and associations supporting yours and Jim’s (former mayor) candidate, like the CTCA but when other groups support the competition its bad? Makes no sense Joan.

        And who says Larry Lange agreed with him….Howard? You can call Larry and ask him for yourself, he’ll tell you that we met and agreed that GFOE is flat since 2008 and GFOR is down either 30% including CST or 17% without CST.

  5. Howard didn’t print the entire truct as to pac funds…
    They are legal per ;

    16-919. Prohibition of contributions by corporations, limited liability companies or labor organizations; exemption; classification; definitions

    A. Except as provided in section 16-914.02, it is unlawful for a corporation or a limited liability company to make an expenditure or any contribution of money or anything of value for the purpose of influencing an election, and it is unlawful for the designating individual who formed an exploratory committee, an exploratory committee, a candidate or a candidate’s campaign committee to accept any contribution of money or anything of value from a corporation or a limited liability company for the purpose of influencing an election. This subsection does not apply to political committees that are incorporated pursuant to title 10, chapters 24 through 40 and political committees that are organized as limited liability companies.

  6. Mike Williams, Pebble Creek, on February 28,

    So Joan Shield what you are saying is you are BOYCOTTING Cox because they exercised their right of free speech?


    No Mike the question is what did Georgia promise to do for Cox and the $1000,00 they gave her?

    The next question is why did the Home Builders Assoc. of Central AZ gave Georgia and Wally both money. Georgia received $2048.00 and Wally received $1000.00 for what?. The Association has filed several lawsuits against the city. The law suits have been unsuccessful. So donating that amount of money to their campaigns again does the Home Builders Assoc expect special favors…. what has Georgia and Wally promised to do?

    Slightly different than Police and Fire UNIONS boycotting 2 businesses who spoke at a City Council meeting representing 346 citizen’s of Goodyear asking the Police to reduce their clothing allowance from 2000. a year to 1000 which is more in line with other cities and the Fire Department to reduce their “overtime pay of 700,000.00 by 90,000.00!!! That warranted a boycott???? That is first amendment rights violation !!!.

    Larry said he agreed with Howard!

  7. I’ve had to edit your comment, Mike williams or Tom Smith or whatever moniker you are using today. Keep it civil or I’ll have to spam you out of the blog again. the money they were asking to cut in overtime wasn’t an “increase” in overtime as the mayor had stated it was a clerical/administrative error that had been made. A cut that large in overtime would have left the Fire Dept. grossly underfunded and a station, most likely Pebble Creek since it is the newest, would have had to be shut down on days were staffing was limited.

    As far as the businesses donating money, you didn’t at all mention the CTCA, given a corporate wellfare gift of $85million by Cavanaugh, who in turn was given a huge KICKBACK/commission to broker a land deal. West Valley View said it was worth $8million. That’s the shadiest deal ever, even by Cavanaugh’s standards. It even eclipses his dealings with Jack Rose/the ballpark, the bridge to no-where (Cotton Lane Bridge to his Kings Ranch Land Dealings) his hiring of the economic developer (who gave him a nice commission on a house) who then was fired, tip toeing around several open meeting law violations, and a few of his ethics probes.

    • Mike, (I am sure isn’t your real name)

      You still didn’t answer the questions, “What promises or concessions” were made or promised by Georgia and Wally for all the Union, Cox and Home Builders Assoc. of Central AZ.. ??

      PebbleCreek Fire station only serviced 29 home very low level brush type of fires in a year, 649 EMT calls according to Paul. Perhaps we only need a “Brush Fire Unit” instead of 1 or two fire trucks. Brush fire units are fully EMT contained and would be great here.

      Mayor Cavanaugh is a Realtor, CTCA was purchasing land and someone was going to sell it! So if Mayor Cavanaugh sold CTCA land and made so money, good for him!!! No one cares!

      Remember he was just one vote on Council! So quit pointing the finger totally at Mayor Cavanaugh.

  8. #1 Well Joan, had you not been sleeping during the CBC you would know that our Fire Dept runs on an automatic aid system, they are not allowed to run a 2 man brush truck as the sole provider of a fire station.

    #2- if you or any other Pebble Creek resident had a major medical emergency or fire you would not want only 2 people helping you…according to the latest research you have a higher chance of survival in a major emergency/ lower property loss when a 4 person crew is working

    #3 no comment on any of the EX-mayor questionable land dealings? What promises or concessions did Rassas, Antonucci, Bohm or Freeman give for the extra money by the CTCA?

    #4 you notice that the CTCA billboards are down? I wonder what happened there? We know Snyders violated some laws since they didn’t file an expenditure report…Opps, must be like Rassas forgetting to vote.

    • Kevin Bates
      Arthur Lewis
      Howard Brodbeck
      Terri Lukshaitis
      Lulut Clow
      Scott Mikes
      Marvin Feir
      Evelyn Nelson
      Gary Gelzer
      Alfred Osorio
      Anthony Gerakos
      Josh Papworth
      Rayne Gray
      Larry Price
      Barry Hamp
      Charles Rothacker
      Greg Hansen
      Joan Schield
      Joshua Hong
      Edwin Smith
      D. Lynn Idleman
      Monica Stigler
      Charles Kagan
      William Stipp
      Michael Keyack
      Kathryn Wallinger

      CITIZEN BUDGET COMMITTEE – members… don’t see a Mike Williams name on the list…. only other people attending meetings were union members and city employees….

      Personal attacking seems to be your mantra,

      Still didn’t address all the concessions, promises and favor extension questions regarding Georgia and Wally campaign funds…..

  9. in one of your posts you mentioned that Buffet for gates and jobs had no experience.true they are founders but when gates left ceo position at Mirosoft they hired from within, when jobs left and took two leaves for medical they hired within and article in msn this weeks shows that bufets sucessors are also comming from the top ranks of BH.
    Why do you keep writing this nonsense when you don’t know what you are talking about? Please stop.

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