Lord, Osborne, Stipp, Campbell, Lauritano Circumventing Goodyear Policy #700

Goodyear Personnel Policy #700 Personnel policy See paragraph E3.

I’ve had the busiest two days ever on my blog since I posted about unions in Tempe, Tucson, Phoenix, Casa Grande and Avondale contributing to the election campaigns of Lord, Osborne, Stipp, Campbell and Lauritano.

Lot’s of nasty personal stuff has been mailed my way.  One lady even went so far as to search around the internet for references about me and send me unprintable critiques of me, my career, my music, even my family.

You know what I’ve said for some time, when they start calling names, you know they’ve lost the debate.

I’ve done more research on this issue due to the number of comments and accusations by those who disagree with my political opinions that I have tried to mislead you. What I have found is that it appears that by taking contributions from other city’s unions, Lord, Stipp, Osborne, Lauritano and Campbell are circumventing a policy of the city that they seek to govern.

I was initially told by someone in the media that, ”

It is illegal for Goodyear unions to donate"

I still believe this to be true.  I did not write that accepting PAC money from other cities was illegal as many of those who disagree with me have commented on after misreading my post.

Wanting to put this to rest, I have continued to research the law behind this.  I am still confident that it is illegal as I have previously reported, otherwise why would the Goodyear unions make the effort to have other city union PACs make the donations?

Here is some of what I have found.

This is Policy #700 of the City of Goodyear. I include the entire policy so as not to continue to be accused of trying to mislead anyone as Georgia Lord and her supporters will try to convince you I am purposely doing.  Go to paragraph E3. Personnel policy

It reads,

“no employee of the city shall be involved in the campaign of any person for election to the office of Mayor or Council member of the City.”

Is donating to a political campaign “be(ing) involved”?  I would say yes, especially if it is a donation from a Goodyear union PAC.

So forget about Federal, State, or county law. By taking contributions from other city’s unions, Lord, Stipp, Osborne, Lauritano and Campbell are all circumventing a policy of the same city that they seek to govern.

If they all get elected and control council, what else might this level of insolent arrogance lead to?

Oh yeah, before all the crazies start posting comments;

Definition of CIRCUMVENT

transitive verb
a : to hem in b : to make a circuit around

: to manage to get around especially by ingenuity or stratagem


8 Responses

  1. There is nothing in the campaign records of Goodyear employees or Goodyear Unions donating to any campaign…no Goodyear PAC funds either.
    No one said that there was MikeTomWilliamsSmith. Reading comprehension is lacking miketomwilliamssmith.

  2. See, you are losing the argument because you have resorted to name calling.

    “Is donating to a political campaign “be(ing) involved”? I would say yes, especially if it is a donation from a Goodyear union PAC.”

    Sounds to me like you sad Goodyear a Goodyear Union PAC was involved…

    No miketomgarywilliamssmithgelzer, you’re not getting it again. Maybe you’re Bobbie what’s his name who is a little incoherent. I am using the prohibition of Goodyear employees (or their PACs) which HAVE NOT contributed as the example. No one is calling any names here, wake up.

    • So like I said, no illegal or unethical activity has taken place by the Goodyear Unions or employees.

  3. Contributions from PACs are not illegal no one has said they are illegal nor are they an effort to circumvent illegal employee contribution they are when unions from one city get unions from another city to contribute in order to “circumvent” city policies as has been done in Goodyear. Just look up the definition of circumvent I am wondering if anyone actually knows the laws that govern elections. In Goodyear one of them is City Policy #700. Read my post about it. Pac contributions a perfectly legal and posting otherwise is an attempt to spead false information. Except no one has done that here. Lets talk about CTCA Independent expenditure form. Why was Snyders not included? They are a separate company and CTCA did their own submission. Why dont you read up on the regs provided by the FEC. Why don’t you read them, do a little homework instead of speaking without any comprehension of what has even been said and enlighten all of us? Your speculation of illegal employee contributions are wrong. Even though I never said that? Read it again, Sam.

    Wendy Freeman, why are you feeding Howard Brodbeck with personal emails. That is mere speculation on your part. You have no idea where I got that email from now do you? You do understand that once it is on the internet it will remain there. Just like this erroneous post you have just published, Sam? Sara Bisker is a reporter and she should be held to higher standards than what she and the WVScrew are publishing I also view the video and yes, you did say union thugs. Do you understand that many of us from PC are from the east coast and as you put it “union thugs” (who have poor reading comprehension).

  4. U got email from wendy or the paper That is actually not correct. You are free to guess as many times as you like by visiting by blog, though.
    Doubt the paper
    Email does not make Wendy look good very unprofessional too bad
    Better had u not printed ESP if u liked her

  5. the things I wrote have hit it on the head huh Howard. You post what you want which is fine You are very selective however you are not the only forum online.
    The comments of yours that I deleted were personal and insulting comments about some of the candidates. There is no place for that kind of name calling here. We all live in the same community and when this election is over we’ll have to all pull together to get out of the fiscal morass in which we find ourselves. Let’s hope people will listen to opposing views whatever they happen to be.
    When you write interesting fact based arguments that support your position I leave them on.
    If you want to call names and embarrass yourself (if Sam Patel is your real name) go to AZCentral

  6. “Double dip, with Bill Stipp!!!!!!!!!”.

    Howard, thanks for your efforts.

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