The Lone Ranger Rides Again

Clayton Moore 


This was submitted as a comment to one of my posts. Yeah, it’s not his real name and yes Kemosabi, he played the Lone Ranger on TV but it is still worth reading in my opinion.

Attention Goodyear Citizens

I’ve been watching and reading all the comments and accusations from both sides and find the circus quite entertaining. But the two more distressing issues have developed quite recently. The attacks about the independent expenditures of the Western Regional Medical Center and the unethical donations of foreign labor unions are quite sad.

In the March 1, 2011 issue of the West Valley View, Sara Bisker, staff writer and news reporter extraordinaire, writes:

“A major business in Goodyear has contributed more then $9,000 to four candidates seeking office in the March election.”

That is a blatant lie. And if she had bothered to speak with any of the people that she tries so hard to vilify, she would know that. But since it is often rumored that Sarah is in Georgia Lord’s pocket, information for stories does not come from the people about which she writes. Her information comes from Georgia Lord and her team of dreadful raconteurs.

Ms. Bisker continues:

“Mayoral candidate Sean Rassas and City Council
candidates Bill Antonucci, Jon Bohm and Wendy
Freeman received a total of $9522.34 from CTCA.”

If you want the truth, call any of those candidates she names. They all have websites, phone numbers and emails. They are not hiding behind the gates of Pebble Creek. They would love to speak with you. Give them a call. I did.

In actuality, according to them, none of the candidates Sara accuses received anything from anyone associated with the legal independent expenditures made by any of the entities disclosed on the signs, ads or postcards. Allegedly, Georgia Lord and her attack dogs Gary Gelzer and Rob Antoniak knew about the expenditures and signs before any of the candidates she so accuses.

This is nothing more than incumbent sour grapes. Georgia Lord and Joanne Osborn worked their derrieres off to secure the endorsement of the Cancer Treatment Center and its CEO in vein. Now, they are just beside themselves that the endorsement went to others.

Where is the outrage for the Pebble Creek team and others getting the endorsement of several labor unions around the State and home builders? What is the quid quo pro? And what will it cost the Goodyear tax payers? Not to mention the unethically obtained moneys they collected from same. While the money donated to some of the candidates is legal, it is clearly an obfuscation of that law and a circumvention of the spirit of that law.

Sara Bisker, staff writer and news reporter extraordinaire includes in her exposé; “Possible violation”

It appears that while he’s not wandering around saying Can You Spell Georgia Lord boys and girls, Goodyear City Councilman Gary “Captain Kangaroo” Gelzer is asking the City Clerk to instigate an investigation into a possible violation of campaign finance laws. The Captain knows this is a frivolous investigation. Just like the frivolous investigation of former Mayor Jim Cavanaugh made at the behest of the Goodyear labor unions. But it’s going to cost Goodyear taxpayers money. It appears that The Captain is simply livid and exhibits a gnashing of teeth over the prospect that someone beside his benefactors gets anything at all.

So what of these “donations” made by labor unions of other Arizona cities to the people endorsed by our own brave men in our local labor unions? Why in heavens name would a labor union in Tucson donate the maximum allowable amount to someone they probably do not even know that is 120 miles away? Could their strategy be that if you help my candidate get elected, I’ll help yours when the time comes? So labor unions are allowed to pick their next boss? That is why there is a law against such behavior. Government labor unions are not allowed to donate to political campaigns in their own city. The reason should be obvious. But they left a loophole in the law so the result is the same.

Why would home builders that have allegedly already lost law suits with their complaints about Goodyear donate money as well? I know it’s a crap shoot, but could it have something to do with what they want in return if their candidates are elected? Could the home builders hope that since they could not get what they want in Court, it’s better to have an obligated politician.

There have been many articles and blogs written about the resignation of our former Mayor Jim Cavanaugh. People have called him “quitter” and worse. But obviously they are more people just not paying attention. Mayor Cavanaugh’s letter of resignation was in the paper. Did none of our avid campaigners read it? They seem to scrutinize everything else.

Let us review. Mayor Cavanaugh resigned because he felt he had become ineffective. I speculate that he felt that way largely due to the collusion of the people on the City Council working hard against everything he wanted to do. Those same people are now incumbents campaigning for your vote to continue their ravaging of Goodyear while taking the credit for everything good the former Mayor did.

Just the other day I read the ramblings of some nincompoop in Pebble Creek ranting about all the great things Georgia Lord did like widening I-10 and getting large firms to move here. Pay attention people. Jim Cavanaugh did those things. Georgia Lord was against widening I-10. Just like Wally Campbell was for the sales tax increase before she was against it.

In any other economic time, getting two major league baseball teams to move their spring training facilities to Goodyear would be considered a major coup. Unfortunately, it turned out to be bad timing. But Goodyear will recover quickly from that with the right people in place. Incidentally, none of the right people live in Pebble Creek or Palm Valley or are incumbents. In any event, Jim Cavanaugh is responsible for negotiating that deal and some day Jim Cavanaugh will be regarded as a hero for getting the baseball complex and its tenants in place.

Mayor Cavanaugh left because he felt he was no longer effective and left for the greater good of Goodyear thinking that someone else may be able to better serve and progress with the City Council and Manager. One might say “He fell on his sword”. Quite an honorable thing to do.

Who else quit the City Council and gave up their responsibility to Goodyear? Well, the name Georgia Lord comes to mind. But she left Goodyear hanging for her own person gain. She had no honor in mind when she walked away from her responsibility to the people of Goodyear. She had nothing in mind other than herself. Georgia does not want to be Mayor. But she does want the title.

She is wholly unqualified to take the reins of Goodyear. But she certainly is great at having her picture taken and taking credit for the accomplishments of others.

And where is the outrage about Georgia Lord attack dog Rob Antonik. Now there’s a hero for you. He dropped the ball a while ago and just turned his back on the people of Goodyear. He quit in the middle of his tenure at City Council as well. Why isn’t that in the blogs and newspaper comments or letters to the editor? And why did he leave? Was there a matter of honor there? Nope! Just his personal gain. Apparently he got a better offer.

Maybe that’s the problem with Mayor and Council being part time. People like Lord and Antoniak treat it like a hobby. When you get bored with it or it becomes too time consuming or it’s not fun anymore, you just walk away. And why would anyone want to vote to re-instate the people that got Goodyear into the mess it’s in? Could it be because their supporters are more concerned with friendships and with whom they golf rather that qualification?

Georgia Lord still does not understand why taxes affect business nor does she understand a budget. She has proven that time and time again.

And why hasn’t the newspapers reported that Lord, Antoniak and several others on the City Council had to go to ethics training because of violations of the Arizona Open Meeting Law? They wanted to run the City from their living rooms without pesky things like the Mayor and council members that didn’t agree with them or the public present to interfere with their agenda.

Why hasn’t it been told that the endorsement of the incumbents is planned? One of the candidates was told that the West Valley View would endorse the incumbents. That statement was made more than a week before the endorsements were published. But more importantly, it was made before the editorial board had spoken with all the candidates. Apparently, endorsing the incumbents is simply a matter of policy for newspapers. How’s that for journalist objectivity?

Less than a week after the endorsements for the incumbents was published, the editor of the West Valley View wrote a half page article explaining the endorsement process. Why did he feel it necessary to defend the endorsement process? Could he have a guilty conscience? Probably not! His explanation had nothing to do with what he told the challenging candidate. More likely the article was damage control in case the candidate shared his conversation with anyone.

My vote has already been cast for the people who will serve honorably, put the work in necessary and get Goodyear back on the right track to growth and prosperity. Sean Rassas, Bill Antonucci, Jon Bohm and Wendy Freeman are the right people for the job.

They all have phones. Call them. Get the truth. I did. Sara didn’t.

Dear Readers. I did NOT write this. I do not know Clay Moore or who he really is but he sure speaks eloquently. Thank you, Kemosabi for your well thought out and constructive post.


One Response

  1. Mr Moore:
    Lets be frank, the mayor resigned so he could collect his HUGE commission from CTCA. Now he is behind the scenes trying to push his agenda through with candidates he has hand picked. People probably weren’t as angry about Antoniak because he decided to stay out of the political game until the EX mayor began pushing his agenda using questionable business favors with the CTCA.

    Seems like the public safety unions can not get anywhere near a deal like an $85million tax break/corporate welfare handout out the CTCA received so what is everyone afraid of? This is not the east coast and they have no collective bargaining or any influence whatsoever.

    Might the other unions be involved because certain candidates, Rassas and Freeman, have publicly spoken out AGAINST public safety? Could they be worried that cuts could endanger their fellow firefighters or thier own families living in Goodyear? Much like the military that I was a part of I know the public safety community is very tight knit and word of mouth about anti public safety candidates like Rassas and Freeman probably spread fast.

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