AZ Republic; Outside Unions Circumvent Goodyear City Policy #700

AZ Republic link to article.

As I have previously reported, and now the AZRepublic is reporting, outside public safety unions from Avondale, Casa Grande, Tempe, Tucson, and Pheonix have contributed to the campaigns of Lord, Campbell, Stipp, Osborne and Lauritano.

This circumvents Goodyear City Policy #700 which does not permit city employees like the Goodyear Police and Fire unions or their PACs from contributing.

Those who received the money should return it.  The same people who want to govern your city think it is OK to circumvent city policies for $410 campaign contributions.


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  1. You know Pete……….. not one cent of CTCA monies was ever placed in any candidates bank account!!! You know Pete no promises, compromises, negations for any favors were ever given for the cost of the sign or anything else. You Pete………. I have seen where each candidate that excepted UNION FUNDS, Cox Funds and funds from the Home Builders Assn of Central AZ (who has sued the city of Goodyear several times in the past) that money has gone into to the Lord, Stipp, Campbell, Osborne and account. You know Pete……….. since they never received any money in their account, they don’t have any money to give back………….. You Pete for your endorsement did you receive any promises or favors……….. you do sell golf carts don’t you? A business out of your home or a shop> I can’t remember.

    • Joan you need to a quick dose of reality. Since you and Howard are talking about “circumventing” that’s exactly what the CTCA money did. It did not go directly into their accounts but it did pay for their campaign materials.

      It’s time for you to get off your high horse and admit that the other candidates (Rassas, Freeman, Antonucci, Bohm) will owe a lot more political favors to a large business with potential to receive MILLIONS of dollars more in tax breaks than unions.

      To Howard:
      I find it amusing when the CTCA is brought up you mention that Cavanaugh was not the only one who voted for bringing them here/wasn’t solely responsible. Therefore, you must think Georgia is very capable of bringing businesses into Goodyear.

  2. In the following “and so it begins” comment, like this is some earth shattering information, what James Moore (probably not his real name) is all excited about is that he claims that this radio show that a few candidates taped was a “gift” by the radio station and that the “gift” was worth more than $410 and since the radio station is an LLC, THE RADIO STATION should have registered this “gift” with the city as a contribution.
    If we suspend reality and agree with JamesMoore that radio stations would be held to the same test that brings us to:

    SO WHAT? If all of this is true, the RADIO STATION might owe a fine of up to 3X the value of the “gift”. The candidates did nothing wrong.

    This has nothing to do with the candidates involved, same as the CTCA thing. It’s not the candidate’s responsibility to make sure that donors properly file contributions, nor is it the candidate’s responsibility to even know if the donor should file. Lord et al are trying to make a big deal over a non issue.

    ON the other hand, Lord, Stipp, Osborne, Lauritano, and Campbell all KNOWINGLY took donations from other city’s public safety union PACS which was done KNOWINGLY to circumvent Goodyear City Policy #700.

    James Moore, you are confused between an error of OMISSION which might be what the radio station has done and an error of COMMISSION which is definitely what Lord, Stipp, Lauritano, Campbell and Osborne are a party to.

    Here is Jamesmoore’s comment. But you might rather spend your time reading about the great presentation that AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett made at tonight’s PC Republican Club meeting in my next post.

    And so it begins Howard! Sean Rassas, Freeman and Antinucci were hosted on a radio show. Please read …..

    I will post the exact bill on azcentral no need to explain this as it is fairly clear. Your interpretation should be interesting and will also be posted on azcentral if you care to respond.

    now listen and look


    Original Air Date: February 24, 2011

    Crossroads with Van

    Todays Guests are Candidates 4 Goodyear City Council Wendy Freeman and 4 Mayor Sean Sassas, lets see if these are the two that will be able to turn Goodyear Around. This program will be a simulcast which will be broadcast along with our AM radio show in Phoenix on which we interview Candidates, Office Holders, Authors, Film Makers, Etc. we’re hoping all our listeners will enjoy this new approach to Blog Radio by us as I believe many of the issues important to Az. are also just as important to the rest of the country and should be presented to our Listeners. For any who wish to call in please do # 602=296-3632

    Question-Regardless of whether they were gifted this spot or not their is a value to it and it should have been reported as a contribution. The two spots combined should not exceed $410 contribution. Oh but wait, the radio station is
    SUITE 200
    DENVER, CO 80206

    Do I see LLC on the name. Please go back and read the house bill……


    By the way Snyders had 1 day to disclose the expenditure/contribution.

    More to come

  3. I corrected your spelling errors for you, jamesmoore.
    I have looked into the CTCA independant independent expenditure. Why were the signs pulled and never seen again? Why don’t you go find out, jamesmoore? Did CTCA get wind of what “Dave” (as wendy freeman effectionalty affectionately calls him and can be read on her letter to west valley view via you Howard) did and realize that it was not a very good move to publically publicly endorse 4 candidates that have no experience. Smart move by the board don’t you think!

  4. CTCA didn’t file a sign permit and the city sign ordinance people took them down. Pretty sure the CEO of a company doesn’t make a decision he is not willing to stand behind.

  5. James you have a gross inability to grasp anything associated with veracity. What color is the sky on your planet?

    By your bombastic paradigm, every article, endorsement or favorable comment made by either of the newspapers would have to be disclosed as a gift and the editors would be submitting independent expenditure filings every day. How do you put a value on a radio show or newspaper article?

    How about the hundreds of letters to the editor of two newspapers written for the benefit of Lord, Stipp, Campbell, Osborn and Lauritano by their friends and benefactors? Should those all be listed on the candidates’ financial reports as gifts?

    And how about the three forums? Perhaps the Pebble Creek Republican Club, Estrella Mountain Ranch HOA and the West Valley Chamber of Commerce must all report their independent expenditures and each of the eleven candidates should calculate a value and list it as a gift as well?

    Mr Moore my brother. You obviously are having a problem keeping up. I suggest you are in this way over your head. Perhaps you would be more comfortable if you just stayed out of this, found yourself a Dick and Jane Reader and concentrate on the spelling of the smaller words. Once you’ve mastered that, try returning with a rational thought.

    I grow weary. I think it’s time for bed.

  6. I have taken down all the previous posts from plamphere as requested but I have asked Mr. Lamphere a few questions about this. I don’t think it is an easy thing to send comments to a blog like this under someone else’s email address.
    I have emails (not blog comments) from Mr. Lamphere regarding one of the previous posts he claims he did not make that has his home phone number at the bottom of it. Why would a “hacker” include someone’s home phone number at the bottom of an email that they were sending out as “someone else”?
    In addition, his ‘denial’ comment is from the same IP address as ALL the other comments. How would that be?
    I’ve also asked Mr. Lamphere for a copy of the police report he made or at least the police file report number so I can evaluate it.

    The previous blogs were not by Pete Lamphere and that I have reported this to the Goodyear Police. Someone hacked into my e-mail and is using my account without my authorization which may harm Jim and Linda Cavanaugh as well as CTCA. I have never been on this blog before and I ask that the bolg webmaster delete any and all comments that are represented as Pete Lamphere.

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