You Missed a Great Meeting and an Excellent Presentation by Ken Bennett, AZ Sec of State

I attended a fantastic PC Republican Club meeting tonight.  But if you missed it, I have great news.  The presentation part by AZ Sec of State Ken Bennett has been previously video taped and I have included a link to the video below.

What a great meeting. Cudos to Bill Stough and all his hard working officers who gather and send out great information. And if tonight’s meeting was any indication, Bill et al also get great speakers to come to their meetings.  I’ve also included a link below to the PCRC web site which is chock full of good, useful information, especially on state and local issues that you might not hear about otherwise.

Ken Bennett gave a visual presentation of an historical review of how AZ got into it’s current budget mess.   And he referred to the entire mess as being caused when Napolitano & Co. started running “STRUCTURAL DEFICITS”.  Sound familiar?  Same thing as we’ve been doing in Goodyear, remember?

Those were Ken Bennett’s words, not mine.

Here is the video.  Go to 11 min 20 sec to see him start explaining the “structural deficit” that put the state into it’s current problem…. just like Goodyear.

Here is the PC Rep Club web site.


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