Over 1,000 Visitors Last Night

From January 21; https://howardsgoodyearblog.wordpress.com/2011/01/21/goodyear-incumbents-will-probably-win/

Crying or gloating, this number, equivalent to nearly 15% of Goodyear voters, visited my site just since the results were announced last night.

Thanks for visiting.

I think I will start working on school budgets next.  That may take awhile.

Next week I’m going to cancel my WVScrew subscription after I see how far Jim Painter and Sara Bisker are willing to continue to promote the incumbents’ campaigns in their next issue.

After that, I plan to go to the next Goodyear Council meeting when they finally run out of accounting tricks and reserve funds to spend and due to lower property valuation there is no more money to borrow.  I predict that will be within the next 36 months.  Fischback will probably have left for another job by then.  He won’t want to be around when all hell breaks loose.  Georgia might finally be speechless. We’ll see how much they like facing a union/city employee crowd in the audience that has turned against them and we’ll see if that same crowd even realizes that there was a less damaging road (what I have been recommending) that could have been taken if they had only listened to someone besides John Fischbach.

I’m looking forward to that.  Should be fun.  I’ll let you all know when I’m going.


6 Responses

  1. FYI The West Valley View does not have subscriptions. It’s a free newspaper. I appreciate your complete coverage on your blog. Thanks for keeping the voters informed.

  2. Howard, your numbers are fuzzy. What numbers? What are you talking about? How are they fuzzy? Page views and voters numbers do not tally. What does that mean? Did I make any correlation between them? Where? Show me. Just because people read this site does not mean they agree with you, nor does it mean they were registered voters in Goodyear. OK, that is your opinion. I would have to agree with that. So what?

    Many people wanted to see your reaction to the fact that you were wrong on so many accounts Can you give me a concrete example of where I was wrong? Just one besides whether or not Gary Gelzer has ever been to this blog site and I’ve admitted that I did not have enough proof to post that. Wrong about what? I recommended a few candidates and they lost. I predicted that they would lose back in January. Where was I wrong? Regarding city finances, that has not played out yet and to see how the former mayor pulled his frayed puppet strings. Now they’ve been cut. The talk among voters is that the former mayor used you So do you believe that Cavanaugh is reviewing all of my posts, is that it? You think he has been directing everything I’ve investigated? Don’t you realize that my criticisms are of what has taken place during the time he was mayor? If your theory was correct do you think he’d be approving? I don’t want to take anything away from Cavanaugh, he and his wife are nice people, but you have your facts wrong. Just go back and read my first AZ Rep article LAST YEAR to see how wrong you are. I called to remove “every one” of city council. and others to promote his agenda and to detract from the fact that he quit so abruptly. This site is first row seat to watch the fall of King James and his jesters. Earth to kaymr, you’re making up stuff. If you haven’t learned already, it is not possible or wise to try to fire, sue or publicly discredit everyone who disagrees with the former mayor. That was his agenda. This is not his fiefdom and such measures are a misspent use of taxpayer money and energy. The city is poorly run from a financial and personnel standpoint, the facts show that. I predict voters will realize that as things continue to come apart.

    It’s time to think for yourself and learn how to disagree with civility not hatred. Your friends, and even the council, will like you for it and be more willing to listen. I tried many times to reason with council, from the CBC to the boycotts. They are the ones with the “fiefdom” mentality. You may have some good points, but they are getting lost and Goodyear is tiring of your rants.

  3. I think D. Jenkins is right.

    “nearly 15% of Goodyear voters visited my site just since the results were announced last night.”

    That sure sounds like you are assuming that registered voters/viewers are the same thing. I think that is what you tend to do…take a partial truth and spin it in your favor.

    • And the name calling continues. No respite even though the election is over, mean spirited, gloaters just can’t help themselves when they have no arguments to put forward.

  4. If you clock in and out a lot it shows more clicks on the counter. Ha ha ha

    Definition: asshole; Mkj334@aol.com

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