Another Clayton Moore Post; Georgia’s Paybacks?

The following was written by blogger “Clayton Moore” (aka, Lone Ranger) not by me.  But it raises some interesting timing issues. Georgia Lord was willing to try to eliminate her election competition by checking signatures, why not this also?  Speculation, yes, but as time goes on we’ll know more.

The recent departure of Police Chief Mark Brown is truly unfortunate. The sudden appearance of a damning report criticizing the GY Police Department is rumored to be the catalyst. The alleged report is said to assert ‘lack of leadership at the command level”. There is also speculation of cover-ups within the police department.

If there truly have been cover-ups it is indeed reprehensible. The law enforcement agencies at all levels of government must be beyond reproach. However, I shall reserve judgment until I see the entire report. That is, of course, if this report will ever be made public and if it is truly objective. Something government knows little to nothing about.

It has always amazed me that so many people criticize so many people they know so little or nothing about and often have never even met. But such is life. As another individual has speculated “Something stinks in Goodyear”. Could this all be part of a much larger conspiracy? Why has no one asked the hard questions? Is there any truth in this report? Why did Frank Cavalier resign? I am sure there are indiscretions in all police agencies. No one is perfect and people do tend to protect their own. Yes, I agree, police sometimes go overboard to the point of breaking the law themselves. But as I said, no one is perfect.

But take a look at this from another angle. Does not anyone think the timing is a bit extraordinary? Has everyone forgotten about the volatile election Goodyear recently experienced? It is no secret that the GY Police Officers Association is not happy with Mark Brown. They have stated that the Chief does not go to bat for the men. He does not argue for their raises or benefits. I’m not sure that’s his job. But put that aside for the moment.

So, the Police Union would like to see Mark Brown gone. The Police Union finds a way to circumvent City Policies to support Georgia Lord with money from outside agencies. Their members put up her signs and take them down for her. They put her signs in their front yards with a City police car right next to it in clear violation of City Policies. While Georgia Lord lies to the public by saying she is endorsed by the Police and Fire which was not true.

If the Police and Fire were to endorse Georgia Lord, it would be yet another violation of City Policies. Georgia Lord was not endorsed by the City Police or Fire Department nor is Bill Stipp. They are endorsed by the Police and Fire UNIONS/ASSOCIATIONS. But they do not want to say that. They know people are fed up with unions.

Well it looks like it is payback time. Just like I said a month ago, the Police and Fire Unions are going to want something in return for all their support. Could this be the beginning of their payment? One day after Georgia Lord is installed; a report appears that pushes the Chief of Police into retirement, six months early. The Union could not have asked for a sweeter deal. Could this be the work of Georgia Lord behind the scenes starting to arrange to pay her political debts? Stay tuned. She has several of them! She certainly did not get elected based on her qualifications.


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