The Police State / Public Theater in Goodyear

Link to story in AZ Republic

Roger Matlin was arrested at his home the morning after he spoke out of turn at the council person selection meeting Monday night.  At the meeting, he interrupted Georgia Lord and insulted nominee Gary Gelzer.

This is very troubling to me and more so given a series of city actions that have led up to it.  I suppose we should have seen it coming.

After Roger interrupted Georgia, she went into a pre-prepared speech about “clearing the room”.  She was obviously flustered and mad as hell because it took her a few tries to say what she actually meant which was not about “clearing the room”, what she meant to say was that she would have any person who interrupted the meeting removed from the room. The police man on the scene didn’t remove Roger, I guess he understood how ridiculous this was all getting.

I guess Georgia had to get her satisfaction in some way so she had Roger arrested the next morning on some trumped up charges just to hassle him I suspect.

Roger has been accused by interim city fire chief Luizzi of suspicion of assault during a March 14th council meeting, over a month ago. When the press asked Luizzi what he and Roger were talking about that led to the assault, Luizzi said he couldn’t remember what they were talking about.

He can’t remember?  Someone assaulted you, it’s been investigated by the city police for over a month and you can’t even remember what led to it?  I’ve met and spoken to Luizzi before, he seems like a reasonable guy.  Who put him up to this and will he now be promoted to Fire Chief?

This is obviously get even politics administered by insecure city leaders who believe that they are invincible now that they have won the election and soon will have no dissent within their ranks.  The fact that they won with the support of both newspapers, public employee unions, and local developers insulates them even more.

Don’t believe me?  Here are other examples from the current city of Goodyear regime that demonstrate the same take no prisoners carefully orchestrated approach to stamping out any possible competition and shaping current events so voters will pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  1. Police and fire boycott of two local businesses because their owners exercised first amendment rights and spoke up at a budget meeting.  Only one public official made any statements to deplore it and he’s not around anymore.
  2. Georgia Lord hired an outside consultant to inspect her opponents’ application petitions to see if she could have them disqualified.
  3. A few weeks before the elections, there was a big announcement by Westcor that the mall is on track.  Fishbach was interviewed, everything is on track he says. Do you really think the announcement and it’s timing wasn’t orchestrated with Westcor?  Does the city think we’re that stupid not to see it?   Do you believe it?  I don’t.
  4. We just had a police chief resign over a possible manslaughter cover up.
  5. It was discovered that other police officers have been filing false reports.
  6. Of seven questions council could have asked of candidates the other night, one was, “how long have you lived in Goodyear?” and another was, “how many city council meetings have you attended”.  “We don’t want nobody that nobody didn’t send”, goes the old Chicago joke.
  7. And how about the ridiculous 4 – 2 vote to give Lauritano and Osborne cover against voting for Gelzer.  They think we’re too stupid to see this stuff.
  8. Now there is a new propaganda blog out there that says it is competing with mine.  But the blogger does not identify him/her self.  Who might it be?  Well, the blog  cheerleads for Goodyear so it is someone in Lord’s camp for certain.  Maybe it’s Georgia Lord’s political consultants. Maybe it’s West Valley Screw editor Jim Painter.  Maybe it’s one of the developers.  Maybe the unions have gotten together to publish it. My guess is that it’s the city of Goodyear behind it in some way shape or form. Someone should ask Public Information Officer Nora Fascenelli if she has had any hand in this.

Goodyear, you got just what you voted for.


8 Responses

  1. dont push a publllic official
    hello a 4 year old can figure this out we don’t touch others dont hit and dont say mean things

  2. Howard, regarding the timing of the mall opening. I was aware of the new timetable in Sep/Oct 2010. The announcement just before the election struck me as a set up also

  3. What did he get charged with exactly?????????? Did he hit the guy

  4. 1. “He’s” not around because “He” decided to choose money over the people of Goodyear (large commission from the land sale of CTCA) not because he spoke out against the boycott.

    2. Matlin put his hands on someone unsolicited, that equal assault. kind of like a handshake or a hug?

    3. Just because there are people out there (citizens) who want to focus on the positive and not negative does not mean they are affiliated with the City of Goodyear…they may just be tired of your incessant whining and complaining.

    • Seriously? If any one of the council or a Goodyear employee touched you you would be screaming for a lynching. Let’s not split hairs, assault is assault…any way you cut it.

  5. By the way, I commend you for letting comments that don’t agree with you be posted again.

  6. and you didn’t admit the former mayor’s quitting had nothing to do with the boycott and everything to do with his $500k conflict of interest commission from CTCA

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