A Visit to Happyville

I know I told you all that I wouldn’t spend any more time on the new imitation blog that won’t tell you who they are but I’m sorry, I changed my mind, this is way too much fun for me to ignore and besides that, they have given me a near infinite supply of material to write about now and as a result my own blog’s visitor traffic has exploded since they started.

Thank you, imitation bloggers.  And I thought with the election being over that this might turn out to be a slow summer!

I’ll refer to the site as Happyville since they choose to remain otherwise anonymous and they only have positive things to say about the current regime in Goodyear.

In Happyville;

  1. Pete Lamphere is a featured commenter (they don’t have many comments so Pete is on the first page).  He probably knows who the people are who run Happyville. Pete’s the guy who claimed his computer was hacked and he never made any of those slanderous comments on my blog. I can’t wait to read what Pete has to say.
  2. Police and Fire Unions don’t boycott local businesses
  3. Politicians don’t hire out of state political consultants to try to get their opponents disqualified
  4. You can believe everything that well informed and financially astute politicians tell you
  5. There are no self aggrandizing politicians who have their opponents arrested
  6. When bloggers won’t tell you their names you still trust them and it’s not considered propaganda either.
  7. You can drink all the Koolaid you want because it’s all free, and we’ll never have to pay for it.  Ever.

Now, let’s take our first visit to Happyville.

“About” No Names, Please

We’ll start with Happyville’s ‘About’ tab.  In the About tab, the propagandists in Happyville are more than willing to start telling you what to think. They tell you that they think what they are doing is ‘silly’.  That is Happyville speak for, “we don’t think you are all smart enough out there to see that this is a cheer leading site for the current regime in Goodyear”.

Next they tell you that they are private citizens, just to put your mind at ease.  Sounds pretty good so far. Nothing to worry about here, they just don’t want to tell you their real names or where they live. After all, they’re private citizens.  Carl Rove is a private citizen, and so is E. J. Montini, liberal writer for the AZ Republic. You already know that whatever those two guys write is unbiased so why would you even want to know who is writing the Happyville blog?  After all, they are, private citizens.

Debunk Junk. Warning; Logic Suspension Area and Mocking Chalk Drawings

Let’s go on to the Debunk Junk section of Happyville.  In Happyville’s Myth # 3 about the nasty Goodyear blogger’s comments regarding Fire Chief Luizzi, the wardens in Happyville suggest that because the blogger assumed the word ‘confrontation’ would include some kind of verbal exchange before any laying on of hands took place that old blogger is a big fibber and therefore you shouldn’t believe anything he says. Logic is suspended in Happyville. More Koolaid, please.

The wardens at Happyville would have you believe that Roger Matlin just walked right up to Luizzi one night and gave him a shove.  There was no discussion or comments that led to anything further (if it did) taking place.  Or are they saying that there might have been some discussion first but it is perfectly OK after a month long police investigation with the assumed co-operation of Luizzi that Luizzi can’t remember what it was all about?  The ‘confrontation’ that is. Whatever Happyville thinks that means. You can’t have it both ways, Happyville.

I guess we’ll find out for sure when Roger sues the pants off the City of Goodyear for false arrest and harassment. Go get ‘em Roger.

The wardens then see fit to draw stick figure pictures with crude captions to poke fun at our faithful hero the blogger.

As O’Reilly often says, when the other side starts calling names, you know they’re losing the argument.  I don’t know exactly what it means when they start drawing insulting cartoons of you.  More propaganda, I guess?

Fan Forum  Opps, no fans.

Now let’s check out Happyville’s latest and greatest feature.  A Fan Forum.  What’s that?  Only one person has made a suggestion for a forum?  Poor Happyville wardens.  No one is listening to them.

Show Me The Money (lots of $$$ signs)

Now, here is a really cool part of Happyville.  Show Me The Money (with lots of $$ signs).  This section is about how to spend money in Goodyear that WE DON’T EVEN HAVE YET.  That’s right.  I’m not kidding.  I know you all can’t trust me any more so go see for yourself.  They want suggestions for where Goodyear can spend even more money it doesn’t have “when it is available”.

Goodyear employees, are you taking note of this?  You haven’t had a raise in three years and these bozos are LOOKING for places to spend money!

Earth to Happyville, we’re $300 mil in debt and with the current property valuations running 18 months behind, Goodyear may already be close to “loaned up”.

But that doesn’t bother the residents or the wardens of Happyville, because Joanne Osborne told them that we had a surplus in one of Joanne’s political presentations, YIPPEE!! (Joanne said Yippee).  Let’s talk about spending some more, it’s so much more fun than talking about living within our means.  YIPPEE again, just to make me feel good!

AND FINALLY, drum roll please…………..

Important Links to Trustworthy Easy to Use Web Sites

Happyville has seen fit to provide TEN, count ‘em TEN different links to trustworthy and completely understandable alternate websites where you can get ALL THE FACTS YOU NEED Happyville residents.  You don’t need any more bloggers to tell you anything, just go to these TEN TRUSTWORTHY SITES that really look impressive.

Oh, wait, all TEN sites are just links to the City of Goodyear website.  Never mind.


7 Responses

  1. Wow, sounds like your “bizzarro” world.

    What I can tell you is the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Everything is not all roses but the sky isn’t falling either. You think everything is a conspiracy theory perpetrated by the public safety unions and their incredible power they yield (so powerful they are going on their 4th year without a raise like the other employees).

    You also suggested to voters to put Matlin in office. We are now seeing how unstable he appears to be speculation. I am sure with all those cameras in city hall they have this on film More speculation. If they did they wouldn’t have needed a 1 month investigation now would they?. There were quite a few people who stated he was yelling obscenities how do you know that? What/who is your source? before he grabbed/pushed the chief..You saw him do it? Or who told you? .but that will all come out in due time how do you know that? seems like you know a lot of inside information, Mike. My challenge to you on this is admit you were wrong when the rest of the facts come out. What facts are they Mike? How do you know there are more facts to come out? My challenge to you is to put your own ideas forward. You think the budget and the debt are just fine? You think the police department is well run? You think the boycotts were appropriate? You like the Indians/Reds deal? You think the Westcor deal is fair to taxpayers? And don’t say that was all Cavanaugh either. Lord Mayor Georgia was there as well. Why don’t you tell us all where you stand? Want to be a guest poster like Clayton Moore? Then do some research, make your point and submit it rather than just speculating all the time. You sound like Roy Azurello.

  2. P.S.

    Now you know why you have so many visitors. Its not the fact that people like your blog, much like a train wreck or accident they can’t look away You seem to spend a lot of time here, Mike, if it’s so unimportant as you suggest, why do you bother? Or is your mission in life, like Happyville to right all the wrongs that this blog has produced. But again, if you and they really thought it was meaningless, why spend so much time on it? and they just want to see what you are going to come up with next..speculation.much like you reading the “imitation” blog. I realized the imitation blog was supplying me and my readers easy content and amusement. You don’t subscribe to their rationalle but can’t help but take a peek. Nice try Mike, you’re way off there. I know most of the people who visit my site.

  3. I agree with Mike, there is no Mike, he hides behind anonymity just like you and Happyville. In fact, you might even BE Mike because you won’t share a real name. sounds like a lot of your traffic speculation, read my comments to Mike. might be from people who don’t agree with you. You know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease (all the attention). We saw how the rest of the city picked EVERYONE you didn’t.

    Maybe you, Gibbs, Rassas, Freeman, Matlin, and hopefully Antonucci in a few weeks will realize that tearing people down/focusing on the negative might not be the best way to go. It’s not that you do not have a lot of intelligence it’s just you choose not to use it.

  4. Howard, that is speculation…I never said I liked the ballpark deal. As a matter of fact I stated I thought it was horrible in another post. I wrote it as a question, Mike, go back and read it again. You are letting your pre conceived notions affect your reading comprehension.

    How do you know more facts aren’t coming out about Matlin? So you criticize the police when one of their cops DOESN’T do his investigations now your criticize them because they take their time and DO investigate a “public figure” making sure they have all the relevant information before arresting him? Should they have jumped to conclusions right away (much like your blogging) and thrown him in jail without investigating?

    You talk about the westcor deal as being bad? Why have you never mentioned the CTCA deal the former mayor struck up for $85 million dollars…and we get about ZERO in return. I do not know anything about CTCA deal or otherwise. Send me whatever info you have and I can look into it. Start with an FOIA request to the city for all agreements associated with the deal and email them to me. It costs five bucks and the people in the department are very nice to deal with. Westcor an least has a TAXABLE base that will generate revenue (sales tax) but Westcor gets half of it. Or didn’t you know that, Roy?.

    I didn’t say your blog was meaningless, I was just explaining why I think your numbers are high. Lots of people, like me, get on here to see what you are saying…much like you and “Happyville.”

  5. Come on Howard, don’t play naive in this one instance. Sorry, Roy, don’t really know what you are talking about without studying it. Really. I know CTCA is the Cancer Center, that’s it. Why would I know anything about that? Below are two links that talk about the land deal and one that talks about the tax break. Summarize and put it in a Word doc as a possible blog post.

    Do you think we get sales tax from that?




  6. BTW, we loose $1.7 million per year for 50 years…any wonder why they used him to sell their land/give him his kick back?

    I think it is clear he choose money over his commitment to the citizens of Goodyear.

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