Imitation is Still the Sincerest Form of Flattery; Part Last

I can think of no good reasons why someone would want to hide behind a curtain of anonymity unless they believe that telling you who they are would somehow hurt their credibility.

It makes one wonder what they are afraid of?

I guess the “imitation” Goodyear blog is paying close attention to my posts.  Someone just sent me the posting below from the “imitation” Goodyear blog where they say they are going to ‘debunk’ some myths. My comments are in bold.

Myth #1
No. We are not city employees wasting your taxes (tax) dollars on a blog. 
We ARE private citizens who are sick and tired with (of) lies and rumors being spread about this city. (but they still refuse to tell you who they are)

Myth #2
We don’t make up fictitious names, respond to our own posts, and agree with ourselves.  (I’m not sure if they are accusing me of that or if someone has accused them of it but I do know that there is a fictious “mike williams” PC resident who advertises for them)
We tell the truth (trust me, even though I won’t tell you who I am) and give accurate information (trust me again). Which, in fact, makes this silly little game unnecessary.  (They think discussing good governance in Goodyear is a game.  Just like the current regime.  The current regime is first and foremost about winning and self aggrandizement.  Not good governance.)

Myth #3
If you read the “other” blog, you’d think that Interim Fire Chief Luizzi couldn’t remember what he and a former council candidate were talking about that got the former candidate arrested. You’d think that because that’s why (what) the “other” blog wrote.  The AZ Republic news article said Luizzi could not remember what the “confrontation” was about. 

The real question is, why are they still not willing to tell you their names. They keep referring to themselves as ‘we’ so I assume there is more than one of them.

As amusing as this is, I won’t bore you with anymore about these guys in the future. As I said before, imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery.


4 Responses

  1. You keep saying you are done talking about the “other” blog, yet you keep bringing them up?

    Why is that? You must not have read Happyville. I’m going to be talking about the other blog endlessly. It’s great fun and they give me great material that is easy to expound upon to the delight of most of my readers.

    Prediction: Another couple dozen mentions of the “other” blog.

    • Hey Mike. AZ Facts and Myths has locked me out of their blog. Do they throw in the towel that easily? They’re out there drawing cartoon chalk figures of me with crude comments and now they won’t let me visit their site?
      You beat me up for spamming you, Mike, why don’t you comment on that Mike?

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