Take a Poll. Why Won’t They Tell You Who They Are?

If the folks over at the imitation blog site really were just ordinary local citizens as they would like you to believe they are who just all decided to band together one day to right all the wrongs, lies, rumors etc that I have committed on my blog, why wouldn’t they be willing to tell everyone exactly who they are, and where they live?

Take the following poll and let me know what you think is the reason they want to remain anonymous.


One Response

  1. wow, nice questions. Why not how many times a week do you beat your wife?

    Why can’t you put up there “are they concerned citizens looking out for Goodyear’s best interest?” because if they were, they’d immediately tell us who they are and wehre they live. Just like if you thought revealing your real name and where you live wouldn’t expose your bias, you’d let everyone know as well

    I think we know, following the elections, where most people stand…and it’s not with you.

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