West Valley Screw Strikes Again

The West Valley Screw has yet to print one of my letters to the editor properly.

Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

Here is what I actually sent them, not what they printed today.  80% not 0% of ticket revenues go to the teams.

from hdb275 <hdb275@gmail.com>
to Jim Painter <editor@westvalleyview.com>
date Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 5:19 PM
subject Letter to the Editor
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hide details Apr 19 (2 days ago)

Submitted below as well as attached as a Word document is a letter to the editor for your next issue.
I would appreciate it if you would try to format it properly this time.
Thank you.
Bill Stipp and the Goodyear Ballpark

On Jan 28th  in a public forum, candidate Bill Stipp misstated information about changes in Goodyear’s revenues and expenses and went on to assure voters that Goodyear’s finances are not so bad adding that “some” were “distorting the facts”.

Here are the “facts” about one failed Goodyear project, the ball park;

  1. The ball park has over $100 million in 20 year debt. Teams signed 20 season use agreements.
  2. No principal is being paid on the debt, only $5.2 mil per year in interest. At this rate, in 20 years Goodyear will have to refinance the debt whether the teams renew or not.
  3. The stadium has an operating loss of about $2 mil per year.
  4. In 2011 about 120,000 spring training fans attended games at the ball park
  5. Allowing for principal recovery, Goodyear taxpayers paid each fan about $100 per fan for them to attend.
  6. 80% of ticket revenues go to the teams.
  7. The city shares 50% of net concessions, advertising, and parking revenues with the teams but the city pays to manage them. In 2009 the city’s take was less than $400k and in 2010 it was even less.
  8. From Jan 10 to Feb 1 and through March the teams have exclusive use of the stadium and the training facilities.
  9. All other months, the teams have priority use of the stadium.
  10. Each team pays $100,000 rent per year but the city must deposit at least $210,000 per year into a capital fund including all city premium revenues.
  11. Google howardsgoodyearblog to review the actual contracts..

How could an informed candidate take Stipp’s position knowing anything about an albatross like the stadium?  Stipp’s claims demonstrate his lack of ability to understand city finances.

Howard Brodbeck


6 Responses

  1. Wow, talk about ego maniac. Do you think you jumped the gun a little on this one? I saw your letter in this mornings edition…hopefully you weren’t threatening them by holding your breath and stomping your feet until they published your letter. Your reading comprehension is in question, Mike. I know my letter was published, they just published it incorrectly.

    Or maybe they didn’t publish your letter they did publish my letter because your boycott was able to make all those people cancel their free subscriptions.

    Or, like most people, maybe you had to wait while they read through lots of letters…God forbid they make Howard Brodbeck wait. keep on whining and name calling Mike, it makes my point about the current regime supporters.

  2. By the way, I commend you for letting comments that don’t agree with you be posted again. I spammed you because you were being a jerk, Mike. And I’ll do it again with you and anyone else. You want to make reasoned arguments with facts, that is what this blog is for. But I won’t allow a bunch of name calling, especially people who won’t post under their real names.

  3. Pot calling the kettle black about whining Howard. Lets comment on some of your recent nuggets:

    You honestly think Matlin was arrested because he “spoke out?”

    1. He didn’t speak out as much as he made himself look like a childish fool. Saying “boooo” while candidates are being interviewed isn’t a Ghandi-esk type of political protest. it’s childish at best.

    2.He put his hands on someone and acted in an aggressive manner…sounds to me like assault.

    3. Stipp didn’t vote for the ballpark, what he was saying about the economy was that it wasn’t as bad as you keep telling everyone it is. I think we can all agree the ballpark is a HORRIBLE situation but we are stuck with it and we now have to figure out ways to deal with it.

    4. Sounds like Stipp my be correct according to your own statement about the budget- revenues are up, state shared revenues up (although can’t be counted on I agree. But here is what you said:

    “2010-11 actual sales tax revenues are estimated at $1 mil more than budget
    2010-11 actual expenditures are estimated at $0.7 mil less than budget
    So the city has about $1.7 mil more to spend for the balance of the year than they thought.
    2011-12 Revenues are expected to be $4 mil more than 2010-11.
    $3.2 mil of the additional revenues are from expected higher state shared revenues.”

    so is he really off base? Sounds to me like you are trying to tie the ball park anchor around his neck…not his fault. We all know that Stipp was merely reciting something that he had seen in an email from Fischbach that was at best misleading. Stipp at least didn’t understand what Fischbach wrote but he just repeated it in public. And that’s what happened.

  4. Oh, and I admit I jumped to a conclusion, you are correct…I read your post incorrectly.

  5. So you agree we are not in DIRE financial distress? So when Stipp said the economic situation in Goodyear isn’t that bad he was correct? You should as Goodyear’s employees who have not had a raise in three years if they think Goodyear is in serious financial trouble. I think Goodyear is, has been, and will continue to be in serious financial trouble unless we get spending under control. I gave council a C minus because they got new capex down to $6 mil. They should have done that two years ago. The only reason revenues are up in the prelim is because they “expect” more state shared revenue. I would not bet on that. The biggest problem with the bunch that is in there and I believe Stipp to be of the same ilk is that they are already talking about where they might spend money when it comes available. We don’t even have it yet and Gary Gelzer in his annointment response said a library should be a high priority. Read my prelim budget post again, I said all of this already.

  6. Of course they don’t print your letters as written.. They know you know the truth about Goodyear, what the government has in Aera 51 and also that the CIA has black helicopters spying on America.
    Don’t forget the truth that they are always watching you through your tv…… Also I bet you know that the Phx lights from 10 years ago were from another planet……………………

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