Happyville Responds for Stipp and Stipp’s $3.2 mil “Pile of Shit”

Stipp’s legacy in Stoughton, MA $3.2 million Pile of Shit

I just have to hand it to them, those folks over at Happyville are really, really good. Readers can just see the Happyville folks’ Political Science degrees oozing out on the page as they write one post after another of fair, balanced, informed, and non partisan “facts” and dispel all those rumors, lies, and falsehoods that they’ve told you they are going to correct.

This time, they’ve wrapped them selves in “Common Sense” (Thomas Paine?) and invoked the legacy of George Washington as they shill to defend Stipp’s connections with Phoenix area Democrat lobbyists that I posted this morning and then they go on to criticize the two party system.  Talk about shameless.  How stupid do they think all of you are?

I described Ron Ober as a Democrat Lobbyist because that is what he is.  If he was a Republican Lobbyist I would have described him that way. I’d still wonder why Stipp would need to accept favors from lobbyists and what those lobbyists will eventually want in return.  We’re a 65,000 resident 8,000 voter bedroom community on the outskirts of Phoenix for God’s sake.

Happyville takes my description of a fund raiser (Ober and his lobbyist company) and turns it into an “us and them” political class warfare debate.   Maybe Barak Obama lives in Happyville.

Happyville doesn’t like the two party system now that it turns out one of their candidates is accepting money from Democrat lobbyists.

The problem in Goodyear is not the two party system, it’s the one party system that we have. Developers, lobbyists, and unions supporting insiders and incumbents to figure out ways to spend more of your tax dollars.

And Bill Stipp is good at collecting and spending tax dollars. The link above is the legacy he left in Stoughton, MA where he was Fire Chief and built the $3.2 million  “Pile of Shit” that a local paper describes he left them.  Stoughton, MA is still trying to figure out where all that money went.  Here it is again.  I just love it. $3.2 million Pile of Shit


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  1. Let me see now. It appears that Goodyear, its council and police department are trying to clone Buckeye and their problems. The mayor said that when elected she would listen to the people, Lets see now, over three thousand people voted for some of the candidates for mayor and the city council in the recent election. Yet they picked three candidates to fill a vacant seat that did not get one vote between them, this is listening to the people? And the selected one did not have the initiative to run and he said when he was last appointed in December he would not run again. He did not care to tell the voters about his background, experience, vision for the city or philosophy and obviously did not want to spend the money or time to campaign, but preferred the backdoor route to the city council.
    Buckeye here we come.

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