Happyville Has Vanished

All my summer fun is gone, and my blog visits were (literally) off the charts since Happyville arrived.

I tried the link to Happyville to see what they were doing today and it says that their blog has been deleted.

Oh, drat.

No more truth, justice, and the American way?

Who were those guys?  Lord Mayor Georgia’s political consultants?  Stipp’s lobbyist pals? Rogue Goodyear employees gone off the reservation?  Perhaps we’ll never know.

But if anyone finds out who they were, let me know please.


3 Responses

  1. Howard, What is/was happyville?

    • Happyville was the blog that someone set up to tell everyone that everything I was saying was a big lie. I have a category on my blog called Happyville. Click it and you’ll see my recent posts on Happyville.

  2. Comment from Rob V.
    Dollars to donuts the blog was counsel associates, friends, or family backed and/or run……As I mentioned in an earlier post to you it ‘screamed’ government language. When they linked to the city weblinks as their authority sources….well, it was only a matter of time before the city shut them down as the implication would be that the city was associated with the blog and it therefore might be interepreted as speaking for the city; liability.

    Or…….they were private citizens who were incredibly stupid. I was very close to compiling a post to ask just exactly what if anything was one to learn about their position and on what subject???? They took no stand on any issue except disliking your blog.

    I thought about your reference to ‘Roy’ and wondered myself it it could be him. Maybe. Roy has a habit of starting out sounding sane, rational……calm and then works himself into a frenzy. Soon he loses his temper and makes an ass of himself. The posts from Mike Williams kinda go the same way….. But, hey….it’s just a guess on my part.

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