AZ Rep and Guest Blogger; Where is Council on Police Debacle?

Arizona Republic Article on same.

What Did the Mayor Know, and When Did She Know It?  By Gary Gibbs

An independent investigation into Goodyear police activity connected with the hit and run death of a teenager a couple of years back found ample evidence of shoddy work and a departmental lack of leadership. In the wake of this report, the police chief abruptly resigned. Other officers cited in the investigation got promoted. Huh?

How did those conversations go? “I have good news and bad news. The bad news — you did a terrible job, and I’m going to have to place a letter in your file saying as much. The good news – you’re being promoted a grade.”

The city manager, after a lot of bluster about restoring public confidence in the department, was rightfully excoriated in the local press for, at a minimum, being tone deaf and having no sense of timing, not to mention common sense.

Apparently, the acting police chief recommended the promotions and the city manager approved, which begs the question about the mayor’s role in the decision. Did she learn of this as we did, by picking up the newspaper? If so, then the city manager doesn’t understand the need to keep his boss informed. However, if the mayor was given a heads up, then she apparently agreed, which means that all the things the city manager has been accused of apply to the mayor as well.

Inquiring minds would like to know.


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  1. Howard – visit my website. I never finished it because I was fired 3 or 4 times from the City of Goodyear and they tried to run me out by mobbing. Watch the videos indicated in the links, where I stood before the city council and spoke to DEAF ears. I also stood up in a public meeting on the 09/10 budget and brought up Jered’s death and asked many, many questions that were NOT answered and IGNORED. Mr. Cavanaugh and Mr. Fischbach, Mr. Dalke and the police chief were ALL aware of this almost IMMEDIATELY after it happened. Most of my rant to council was on the mobbing of employees and the financial misspending of publicly voted bond monies to complete the ballpark and the infrastructure around the city in order for it to open on time. There is much more corruption in this city than the PD. I went to the point to pass out fliers to draw people to my website, but it didn’t go far – the people have a difficult time listening to 1 person – a nobody to them. Read it… it may take you a couple of hours but I was made out to look like a crazy person when all of it is TRUE, and the proof of the mobbing and corruption is there in the links. I would certainly like to see closure to Shay and Terri’s struggles and the death of Jered. All of the press lately has made me feel as if I did the right thing, although it cost me a lot personally. Thank you for listening and reading…

  2. The question is where wasJim C. He was the mayor when this happened. Why did he not stop the coverup???????

    • Jim was too busy with his buddy Jack Rose… screwing the Wood family and lining his pockets building his ballpark… He knew all about this too, everyone with ANY power in the COG knew about Jered’s death and the struggle Terri Woodmansee was in in exposing the cover up. Anybody who caused any “trouble” or asked any questions was fired or “resigned”. Even the AG’s office ignored requests for investigation of it and the financial games they play in Goodyear.

    • Finally, a post that blames Jim “King James.”

      He was in office when all this hit the fan…why are we blaming Georgia. Well, for one thing, Georgia was there too and secondly, she’s there now as well.

  3. Georgia was only in office a few weeks before the report came out she could effect anything

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