CTCA and Healthcare Across State Lines; I Need Your Input First

A number of readers have asked me to look into the Goodyear CTCA deal as well as health care.

Here is my request of readers.

1. CTCA.  Send me what you know about the Goodyear CTCA deal and where I should start looking for more information. Also, what would you like to know about the CTCA deal?  At this point, I don’t even know what the CTCA deal is, except that people keep telling me that CTCA got $85 mil bucks in some way from Goodyear.

2. Health care.  Here is what I would like to know from anyone who can tell me.  Every time I hear a debate around health care someone says something about “allowing competition across state lines” as a way to reduce health care costs.  If that is true, then it seems like a no brainer to just remove the restrictions. So why is nobody (Dem nor Republican) doing it?  What does this mean?  Can anyone tell me what the limits are around health care across state lines?  Why is it regulated anyway? So what I would like to ask readers is to send me what they know about this subject as well.

either post a comment to this blog, or, email me at howardsgoodyearblog@gmail.com

Thanks for your help in getting me started on these topics.


3 Responses

  1. Allowing the health care industry to operate without regard to state boundaries would mean that they would gravitate to the state or states that impose the least regulation and consumer protection (think credit cards and Connecticut).

    It is unlikely such action would reduce costs. That’s an industry canard.

  2. I know that cavanugh realty did the deal. Gave a huge tax break & donated lots to his & other city council campaigns. Goodyear stole the treatment center from Phx with 10 million in incentatives over 10 years. It’s my understanding the City owns the land and Yes the city leased it to them with no property tax to be paid & waved the excise tax for 8 years. Put in a records request for the deal paperwork…the purchase of the property and the lease agreement and amendments to it…
    Have fun.

  3. I believe the 85 million you are referring to is what Goodyear will lose in what the property tax income & excise tax would have been as revenues. The way they worked it out is that CTCA doesn’t have to pay… had the property been owned privately, either the owner or the lessee would have to pay the tax. So the City buys the property and CTCA doesn’t get the tax passed on to them in rent.

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