The New Journalism?

The New Journalism by Gary Gibbs

A marathon election season has finally drawn to a close in Goodyear.  After more than six months of drama, the curtain finally came down May 17, when a runoff vote for city council was tallied and a new face will soon be ensconced in city hall.

Many will heave a sigh of relief. Others will suffer sharp withdrawal pangs in the absence of impassioned political discourse. I, for one, will be less anxious to scan the free newspaper that litters my Estrella driveway every Tuesday and Friday. Gone, for a while at least, will be the twice weekly entertainment provided on the opinion pages, especially the letters to the editor.

I am amused by the outpouring of near evangelical praise heaped on certain candidates. Ordinary citizens are so moved by the sterling qualities of their pick for office that they simply must put pen to paper in hopes of reaching a wider forum. But is it really heartfelt opinion and an irresistible urge to spread the word or an orchestrated campaign to draw added attention to their favorite? You be the judge.

I do not fault the letter writers. They are entitled to express their views. But I find the newspaper’s willingness to publish every missive a disgrace and a lapse of journalistic ethics (how’s that for an oxymoron?).  These wizened guardians of the fifth estate are not compelled to publish everything that shows up in their mail box, but by virtue of doing so, they are complicit in aiding and abetting electioneering efforts, pimping for political wannabes.

Is it mere coincidence that the majority of rah rah letters printed support the paper’s endorsed candidates? Well, if you play the endorsement game, it certainly helps if those recommended to readers win. It creates the illusion that you actually had a hand in the outcome, shaping the city’s destiny. Don’t kid yourself.


5 Responses

  1. I would have hard feelings if I was 3rd place to Gary..How about you start being optimistic and hope for the best. Your negitive attitude (especially on this blog) has certainly lost my my vote for you..Thats saying something because I voted for you this last election..Stop complaining and look towords the future

  2. Do you really think Gary is dumb enough to be believe you voted for him Kim?

  3. Why will Gary guess blog but he wont come on here and answer questions? Gary thats for you..

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