Who is Jewel White and Why is She Saying Those Nasty Things About Me?

Jewel White wrote a letter to the WVV a few weeks ago excoriating me regarding a letter I wrote the previous week about Bill Stipp’s lack of understanding of the financial situation in Goodyear.

Jewel said that I had written (and she put it in quotation marks), “that “Stipp “misstated stadium data” .  Here is her entire letter. Stipp Jewel White LTTE

Well, I thought, Jewel either did not read or did not understand what I had written.  That is because I said that Stipp had improperly stated that everything financially was fine in Goodyear when he spoke about the General Fund.  I then used the stadium mess to point out that things will not be OK in Goodyear financially for many years to come at least because of the stadium mill stone we have.  Here is my entire letter. Stipp LTTE re goodyear financial position

As I prepared to send a ‘zinger’ to Ms. White, I went back first and copied both my original letter and hers as published in the WV View in order to begin my counter.  Wouldn’t you know, there, in the title of my WVV letter to the editor it said, “Stipp misstated stadium data”.

The West Valley Screw had struck again.  The title to the letter I had submitted to the editor was not “Stipp misstated stadium data”  what I submitted as a title was, “Bill Stipp and the Goodyear Ball Park”.  I just wanted to show how ludicrous a statement it was for Stipp to say that all is well financially in Goodyear.

So now I know that Jewell White can actually read ok, the WVV just can’t.  Although the rest of what Jewell had to say about the city’s bond ratings  and audits is completely wrong and misleading as I explained in a blog post on March 19th, here it is; (https://howardsgoodyearblog.wordpress.com/2011/03/19/city-of-goodyear-employees-this-might-interest-you/)  The reason Goodyear’s WATER bonds were upgraded is because Goodyear is OVERCHARGING for water and transferring the extra money to the general fund in order to pay for the messed up capital projects we have like the ball park.  As I explained in my previous blog bond holders love bonds that are “over covered” and that is why the ratings were improved.

And Jewel, as far as audits go, all they say is that the books are being kept properly, nothing about how the city is being managed.

This was my third letter to the WVScrew.  They’ve gotten all three of them wrong now.  They skipped language in the first one and did not format it correctly, they wrote 0% instead of 80% in the second one, and also changed the title to misstate the point and in my last letter, they left out “Pile of Sh**” which is the actual name of the article from Stoughton Ma. which describes the fire station that Bill Stipp built. $3.2 million Pile of Shit  That omission made my letter seem choppy at best.

So when the WVScrew says they don’t change their Letters to the Editor, I can assure you, they are not telling the truth.

On May 6th WVScrew published an email I sent them asking them to print a retraction/explanation but they have done neither.


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  1. Someone just emailed to tell me that Jewel White is Bill Stipp’s sister? Anyone know if that Is true?

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