Your City Council Raises Property Taxes Again

From AZ Republic 6/10/2011.

How convenient.  Goodyear City Council waited for a Friday in the summer after all the snowbirds left, kids are out of school, and lots of people are on vacation. Here’s where the “available money” for bonuses, extra vacation days, and increases to “offset healthcare costs” are coming from.  If they wouldn’t do any of those things, they wouldn’t need any of this money.  But those are feel good paybacks to some of the people who helped get the current Goodyear City Council elected.

Honestly, did you REALLY think they wouldn’t payback their supporters?  Which turnip truck did you fall off?

They dress this up to make it seem like such a small amount.  But look at all the qualifiers added in that allow them to keep raising other property tax components as well.  Remember all those other property tax components I told you about in a blog last week?

They told you they were fiscal conservatives and that they were going to look at ways to lower taxes.  They told you “things aren’t really that bad”.  They told you “yippee! we have a surplus”.

“Georgia Lord” <>,


4 Responses

  1. We have a number of PC residents on council perhaps they should address this?
    Renae St.Cyr-Camilleri

    • The people who were just elected/appointed to Goodyear City Council, including those from PC, Lord, Gelzer, Campbell, are the ones who approved posting this announcement to raise property taxes.

  2. Did anyone expect that because we had PC residents on the City Council that they would be interested in anyone but themselves? After all, that is what politicians do, in all cases that I know of!

  3. Creekers got snookered into voting for these folks when everyone outside of PebbleCreek knew this is EXACTLY what they were going to do. Too bad for Goodyear that one section of the city could have been so fooled. Unfortunately it was the section of the city that votes–thus sticking the rest of Goodeyar with this tax increase. I hope Creekers take off their blinders before it is too late.

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