Stipp’s Golf Game

Goodyear firefighter group raises $11,000 at golf tournament

6 comments Mar. 11, 2011 12:08 PM
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Yes, I know this is an old article but I just saw it today for the first time.  Stipp playing golf with the firefighters.

Stipp’s $1.6 million life time disability award is based on his bad back.  In his own write up for why he could no longer perform his job as the result of the 3 year old injury, that no one witnessed, and for which he did not require medical attention, he says he is, “unable to sustain torsional loads/impacts to my pelvis without the loss of stability”.  Here is Stipp’s memo. Stipp injury memo0001

Here is the article.

The United Goodyear Firefighters Association charity organization raised more than $11,000 at a golf tournament.

The proceeds will benefit the Goodyear homeless youth program, Foundation for Burns and Trauma’s Arizona Burn Camp and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

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The homeless youth program assists junior high and high school teens who are homeless, providing them with places to live and eat, clothes and counseling. The free one-week Arizona Burn Camp for child burn victims is designed to help the children build self-confidence and self-esteem.

A total of 144 people participated in the March5 tournament, including Avondale Councilman Ken Weise, Goodyear Vice Mayor Joe Pizzillo and Goodyear council candidate William Stipp.

Firefighters raffled off several prizes in a silent auction, including a two-night stay at the La Princesa de Peñasco resort in Rocky Point, Mexico, the use of a luxury box at Goodyear Ballpark for 15 people for a spring training game, a football autographed by an Arizona Cardinals player, a baseball signed by a Cleveland Indians player, and golf bags.


5 Responses

  1. And now for your reading pleasure, here are more hateful rhetorical questions, improper grammar, and unsupported accusations from Kim (again).
    Kim, if you have some facts to present to further the discussion let’s have it. I sent all my research to Stipp before I published any of it and he refused to reply except to call me names. You can read his entire reply on by blog under “Goodyear Personnel Management Mess”.

    Wow March 11th?? Three months ago, I guess the city council must be doing pretty good that you don’t have any current things to gripe about…Your (you’re) really digging now..

    What about the soldiers that have had their legs blown off, get medically discharged, get a bionic leg and go run marathons?? To you are they abusing the system also?

    Are people supposed to stop “living” when they get hurt at work and are forced to retire?? Not everyone can be lazy and sit at home and write blogs all day that actually hurt the people the blog supports..

    I would like to have my SPINE FUSED together too so I can get a retirement that I’ve already earned because I’m passed the required time served to collect…Seems a bit extreme Howard, but keep conspiring

    This time please respond to all questions, not just the ones that you can twist around in your favor..

  2. Your speechless?? Finally!!! Nice response Howard, that really clears things up..Thank you for once

  3. Nothing I posted needs to be backed up with any facts as I am not defending anything nor did I say your facts were incorrect. I am challenging your opinions based upon your responses to this blog and on

    If you can pick apart my post and be more clear on what “parts” you think are non factual, please be my guest..

    • Kim, you disagree with my posts so that implies that you know better about Goodyear’s personnel management than I do. I say it’s broken and the Stipp debacle is an example.
      What do you have that contradicts that?

      And by the way, as I said in the AZCentral post, it’s your PSPRS retirement system that the money is coming from, so it affects you more than me.

  4. Dear Kim,

    Can’t decide what is more entertaining. The actual content of your posts or your poor grammar skills. Hope you are better at fighting fires than you are at writing. Please ask someone to edit your posts before submitting.

    Thank you.

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