Just Read the Newspaper

Presiding over a city which could be faced with the threat of bankruptcy if property values drop much further, one only has to read the Arizona Republic newspaper ONE DAY in order to see how out of touch with reality is the Goodyear City Council.

On the same day (this past Saturday) that the AZ Republic publishes articles about

  • the recovery stalling,
  • architectural indicators dropping especially in the west,
  • property agents are subdued about any uptick in the real estate market,

what does the same newspaper report about Goodyear City Council?

Goodyear City Council has approved $250,000 to put in more SPEED BUMPS!

Right now you think I’m kidding, right?  I’m not kidding, here are all four articles.

6 2011 recovery cracks property agents down0001

Are you mad enough to spit right now?  Go to my easy to use city council email list to the left of this article and tell your council people what you think about this.  Let me know what/if they reply and I’ll sort out the spin with you.


One Response

  1. Howard, you have Trevizo’s name wrong on the email link.

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