Open Letter to Goodyear City Council

I sent the following email to everyone on Goodyear City Council (using my easy to use email address list which you can find in the column to the left I might add).

To Goodyear City Council;

Last night several of you made good points regarding the stadium amendment agreement that came up.The discussion then turned to going back after the past few years’ charges (after Gary Gibbs brought it up). That was a good idea and it added to the discussion.

But as a result of that discussion it came out that there are no past few years’ charges to save because the amendment that you were asked to approve confirms how the city has been operating with the teams all along.  Your approval to this amendment was just a rubber stamp to confirm how things have been operating all along.  I hope you all realized that.

Here is my point.

To the casual observer (like citizens sitting in the audience) city council looked completely uninformed.  Turns out you were not uninformed, Fischbach MISINFORMED you. The agenda item ( Ballpark Amendment ) says;

The clarification provided in the amendment will result in the City saving approximately $25,000 to $43,000 per year in processing fees related to ticket sales.”

But there really are no “savings” in this case.  There will be no reduction in stadium operating loss as a result of your approval of this amendment because there is no change in the current process, it’s what they’ve been doing all along.  Do you think Fischbach would have pointed that out to any of you if some of the questions had not been asked?

This to me is just another example like many I have seen where city council has been misled by city management and you are all made to look bad by those of us who are willing to read the fine print.

This is no different, in my opinion, than Fischbach claiming that he’s saving money year over year because of new hires that he didn’t make 3 years ago.  Or last night where the budget lady said that the Non Departmental was a “contingency” when there is already a $16 mil contingency in the budget anyway, or telling you that the budget is “balanced” when Projected Revenues are $172 mil and Total Expenditures are $ 213 (pg 69 at the bottom of each of those column headings).

It is just bogus, folks, and I think after seeing it done so often in Goodyear that it is done with forethought and intent.  I have been saying the same thing to anyone who would listen to me since the second CBC meeting after I took home the handouts and read them.
Howard Brodbeck

PS.   Good questions by Stipp last night.  I hope he keeps it up.  It will put city management on notice that someone is doing their homework.  He looked to be the only one who read the material in preparation for the meeting last night.  He even had questions that had not been pre-prepared to make a political point as I have so often seen happen in  city council meetings.


2 Responses

  1. And you would think that Joe Pizzillo would be on top of it? He KNOWS all the numbers, he worked with Barb Huttinger, who worked up the budget books BEFORE SHE GOT CANNED FOR TRYING TO EXPOSE MISSPENDING! Oh, I’m sorry, that’s right, she got MOBBED by city management and fired, no, I’m sorry they couldn’t fire her because she was covered under ADA so instead they LAID HER OFF WHILE ON A DISABILITY – BREAKING THE FMLA LAW. Joe has been my biggest disappointment of city council. He’s still there, still listens to the bull and just doesn’t move on things when there are real people, with real morals, who have lost their jobs with the city for being honest…

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