Blogger ‘Y’ on Goodyear’s Looming Debt Burden

By Blogger ‘Y’

Editor’s note.  There are people in Goodyear who feel strongly about some issues but do not want to be identified because they fear retribution by city employees.  Perhaps this is in part a result of what is happening to Roger Matlin, or the boycotts where (with the exception of Cavanaugh) no city officials spoke out about it.  A sad state of affairs. At any rate, Blogger ‘Y’ is one of those people who I’ve agreed to keep his/her ID confidential.

The city of Goodyear is a microcosm of what’s happening at all levels of government, especially the federal level.  I saw all this coming and it has fired me up as I see our country destroyed, but I guess we’re getting what the “collective” deserves.

Our unimaginable $14.3 trillion debt that they plan to raise again (how do you spell cowardice and irresponsibility?) is going to sink us.  A weak economy destroys a civil society (crime, moral decay, etc.) and also weakens our national security, since when the economy sucks people are less willing to do one of the few things the constitution allows—fund our defense/national security.

Our government is like the blob—it just keeps growing and devouring anything in its way.  The private sector and capitalism is what has made us different and offered more individuals opportunity to succeed than any other civilization in history has or ever will see.  Meanwhile, while food prices, etc. rise exponentially we fail to develop the energy resources we have because propagandists tell us we’re destroying the planet.  I guess someone forgot to tell them that the earth is nothing but a rock with life on it, or that all forms of life seek to improve their quality of life and state, people are not the exception.  We’re killing ourselves as propagandists feed us this politically correct drivel.

I for one don’t want to go back to the stone ages while the ruling class or our so called betters live like royalty.  Maybe someone forgot to explain to Americans that the rights bestowed on us by our Founders were given to us by God not man.  Because what man gives he can also take away and tyranny is the result.  Nevertheless, our elected officials claim to be our saviors by telling us they will grant us non-existent rights like health care, social security etc.

There isn’t enough money from the decreasing taxpayer base to pay for all the “social justice” or so services our current politicians promise us, whether it comes from the morons in Goodyear or Washington D.C.    It seems prescient as the horrors of eminent novels like Atlas Shrugged, 1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm, et al. are becoming reality.


2 Responses

  1. So it’s OK for people to hide their identity when they share your opinion?

    Wow, will the double standards never stop…

  2. That’s pretty funny, Roberta/mikewilliams/Tom, IP address whatever. You won’t tell us who you are (for some reason), you try to post under three different aliases (for some reason), and you are saying there is a double standard because someone who identified themselves to me, so I know that they are apolitical (that is, a private citizen) who fears retribution from politicos like you wants their name with held and you are calling that a “double standard”.
    I’ve offered several times for you to write a post if you have something to say, but I guess people (like you) who are in some way related to those in the current city government only want to snipe on this blog, and are either too lazy or confused to write their own opinion.
    This is just like the Happyville folks. “Trust me, but I don’t want to tell you who I am”.
    Yeah, we should all respect your comments on this issue. LOL

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