Chicago is Liberal, But Who is Really That Stupid?

I’ve been visiting Chicago the past few days and reading the Chicago Tribune newspaper.  Reading this bastion of liberal minded propaganda is normally a real hoot for me but this time I’ve noticed that even the Trib has moved a little to the right.  Maybe Chicago has had enough?  It is normally interesting to read a liberal publication as it spins its bias in order to tow the tax and spend liberal line in a community.  A fiscally liberal community that always starts with, “how much can we increase revenues this year in order to support our spending goals”?  Just like this attachment about Goodyear;


The Trib could do something about this if they wanted to, just by refusing to print outlandish, self serving, claims that are constantly made by the one party city administration and instead do their homework in order to ask city officials tough questions about their claims.  Just like these attachments about Goodyear;


& ((

& (

Good thing you and I don’t live in a liberal tax and spend city like Chicago.

Chicago has recently had to sell its bridges and parking meters for God’s sake in order to keep paying for all the the overspending. Imagine a city where capital overspending has forced the use of ongoing revenues in order to stay afloat.  Just like Goodyear; (

That is because Chicago is a city where developers, city employees, and police and fire unions re-elect give money to the re-election campaigns of their unethical, incumbent, politician bosses based upon the pols’ promises to keep their “constituents” in the money. Just like these articles demonstrate about Goodyear;  (

& (

& (

& (

I’ve learned that recently Illinois had to increase their state income tax from 3% to 5% (a 67% increase) in order to cover their ongoing costs rather than cut spending.  And just this week the Chicago Public Schools have decided to increase their property tax allowance by the maximum yearly amount. This is only the 11th year out of the past 16 years they have raised it the maximum though.  But don’t worry, it only amounts to about $35 per $100,000 of property value.  “Six Starbucks” as politicians are fond of saying. (Didn’t JoanneYippee say something to that effect recently?  Or was it Fischbach or Georgia?).  Let’s see, 11 times in 16 years at $35 per $100k and… ouch, that’s nearly $400 per year per $100k increase.  That would be in the neighborhood of $1,000 per year increase per average Pebble Creek home over that period.  Just like Goodyear City Council keeps raising your taxes;  (

But maybe Chicagoans are not quite as stupid as we smug “conservatives” in Goodyear think they are.

An editorial in today’s Trib says, “spending money to stimulate the economy has flopped… spectacularly”.  Doesn’t Barack live here? Goodyear has the same kind of spectacular flop with the Westcor Regional Mall;  (

And here is a Trib commentary article* critical of  how the FAA is paying travelers from small airports up to $3700 each trip to fly! And in Goodyear, we PAY spring training fans $100 each just to come to our city;  (

But not all the liberals have lost faith.  There’s another article about Chicago Firefighters stealing money by over stating their personal mileage (over $100,000 worth!) and new mayor Rahm Emanuel says the city “can’t afford” to prosecute any of them.  Can you believe that?  What city would allow something like that, something going on that is unseemly and just look the other way. Well, at least Rahm has not agreed to promote any of them.  In Goodyear, we promote them, plus Goodyear has a personnel department that is completely out of control as these articles show; (

& (

Stupid is as stupid does, Goodyear.   (Forrest Gump;



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