Take a Survey at city of Goodyear website.

Goodyear wants citizen input on how to select a new police chief.  Unfortunately, anyone, resident or not, can submit the 5 question survey and they don’t ask you for your name or address.  I know it’s lame but this is Goodyear and city management has demonstrated their incompetence time and again.

To avoid the police and fire unions from Flagstaff to Tucson (you know, the ones who contributed to the incumbents’ re-election campaigns) from loading up their own agendas in this survey (and you know they will) you, Goodyear voter and taxpayer need to TAKE THIS SURVEY!

Here is a link to the survey. https://www.goodyearaz.gov/forms.aspx?fid=330

Here is how I answered the survey;

  1. What is the number one priority the new Police Chief needs to address?
    Many citizens of Goodyear do not trust the Goodyear police department for two reasons;
    1. Police boycotts of local businesses
    2. Internal mismanagement of and an apparent “old boys” network that appears to feel it is above the law.
    The new police chief needs to address the trust issue by cleaning house of the old guard Goodyear police.
  2. What are the most important characteristics the new Chief of Police should have?
    Independence from existing police force.
  3. What public safety issue do you think needs more attention?
    None. Goodyear spends way too much money on police in a town with virtually no crime.
  4. Is there anything you are willing to do or contribute which could help the new Police Chief succeed in this position?
    He can blog on my web site.  howardsgoodyearblog
  5. Is there anything else you would like the City to consider when selecting the new Police Chief?
    They should select someone with a proven record of fiscally conservative management of the force.

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