What Goodyear Elected Officials Are Saying (Osborne)

Reproduced below are all the emails and letters that I have seen so far from our local officials.  Anyone have anything else they would like to add please comment or email me with the information at; howardsgoodyearblog@gmail.com and I will post it.

Osborne (I have asked Osborne for dated copies of the letters and emails that she says she has sent. No reply yet);

from Joanne Osborne Joanne.Osborne@goodyearaz.gov
to CT <camtil@mac.com>,
“John F. Fischbach” <John.Fischbach@goodyearaz.gov>,
“howardsgoodyearblog@gmail.com” <howardsgoodyearblog@gmail.com>
cc “editor@westvalleyview.com” <editor@westvalleyview.com>,
“bwhiting@westvalleyview.com” <bwhiting@westvalleyview.com>,
“radley.balko@huffingtonpost.com” <radley.balko@huffingtonpost.com>,
“mattjkelley@yahoo.com” <mattjkelley@yahoo.com>,
caroline isaacs <cisaacs@afsc.org>,
“Matthew J. Lowen” <mlowen@afsc.org>,
Morgan Loew <mloew@kpho.com>,
“horizon@asu.edu” <horizon@asu.edu>,
“william.anderson1953@gmail.com” <william.anderson1953@gmail.com>,
Larry Hohol <theluzernecountyrailroad@live.com>
date Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 9:18 PM
subject RE: “Goodyear Broken Promises”-Prison Town and Arizona Prison State? Inform the unsuspecting tourists-demand full disclosure
mailed-by goodyearaz.gov
hide details Aug 14 (1 day ago)
 Dear Palm Valley Neighbor:
Thank you for your letter and deep concern for our city.  I do not want this prison in our city.  Below you shall find two letters I have been sending out.  One addresses the numerous emails I have been receiving from concerned citizens, all around the nation, and the other is one I am sending to different stakeholders across our region.  I will continue to fight this issue and hope we will find justice in the end.
Joanne Osborne
Vice Mayor
Dear Friends:
I write you this letter in hopes for support regarding an Economic Nightmare being pushed on the City of Goodyear.  As you are well aware, Perryville Prison is located in the City of Goodyear, built on State Land.  Years and years ago, Goodyear was promised that the population of the prison would not increase beyond 1400 prisoners…….we are now at 4534!  Promises by our Legislature was not kept and now we are facing a “Private Prison” looking for support to locate next to Perryville and adding another 5000 prisoners.
Now I call this an Economic Nightmare for many reasons; this could very well be a deterrent to our future Economic Corridor due to its proximity of the 303, a possible land use issue with Luke Air Force Base, and the possibility of impacts to our Foreign Trade Zone.  An additional issue is the close proximity of Scott Libby Elementary School and nearby neighborhoods. These areas are all of concern, not to mention pure perception and public safety.
As we all know, the Southwest Valley is one of the fastest growing areas in our state, not too mention the fact that we are all enjoying the movement of wonderful National and World Wide Corporations locating in our cities.  We are on the radar of many top employers wanting to relocate and call Arizona its home.  As a region, we do not need the so-called “economic driver” the prison believes they are.  Quite frankly, I call it a black eye to our community.  When we were a city of 3000, way out on the outskirts of Phoenix a prison made more sense, that does not apply today.  Today we are a region to be reckoned with, a region that has a wonderful quality of life, global entities, vast beauty of our landscape, and a population that can not be ignored.
I ask that you help spread the message to these individuals listed below, that the company Geo Group, should not locate a new private prison in Goodyear.  Thank you so much for your time and consideration. 
Joanne Osborne
Vice Mayor – City of Goodyear
Contact information you may find useful is below.

Senator John Nelson
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Representative Steve Montenegro
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Representative Jerry Weiers
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Charles Ryan
Director/Department of Corrections
1645 W. Jefferson
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Thank you for contacting the Goodyear City Council. I am in full agreement with you regarding the prison issue.  I would like you to know that the city has been in many discussions and quite frankly looking at every avenue to address all concerns. 

I believe this expansion would come at a great cost in many ways.  Property value decreases, a deterrent to a future Economic Corridor due to its proximity of the 303, and a possible land use issue with Luke Air Force Base.  All of these areas are ones of concern, not to mention pure perception and public safety.
Thank you for voicing your opinion and please continue to be involved.  This is truly something for us all to stay on top of.
Joanne Osborne
Goodyear Vice Mayor

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