Who Does She Think She’s Kidding? That Would be You

Why won’t even one Goodyear city official come clean and admit that they either dropped the ball by not mounting a challenge to the prison or that they are really in favor of just about anything, including a prison expansion, that might help them with their city revenue problem since they continue to refuse to reduce city spending?

Yesterday, Georgia Lord (or her out of town PR firm Summit Consulting) continued her protestations to the public about all she’s been doing for us and got herself published again in the West Valley View (see below). WVV appears to have become Georgia’s new unofficial instrument to convey public policy.

Does anyone ask questions at the WVV?  In her WVV article, Georgia says she wants everyone to come to her August 22 public meeting to speak about the prison. But later in the same article Georgia’s excuse for no one from the city of Goodyear attending the previous public meeting on the prison last week is, ” When officials attend public meetings, they can unintentionally inhibit that process and discourage citizens from speaking up”.  Does that mean that Georgia does not plan to attend her own public meeting on August 22?  She wouldn’t want to “inhibit” anyone. Why would the WVV publish nonsense commentary without questioning it’s obvious illogical statements?

Georgia and the editors at the WVV must think you are pretty stupid, Goodyear.

Stupid yes, but not as stupid as what Stipp and Osborne have written.  In an email to his sister, Jewel White, who Stipp addressed as, “Mrs. White”, Stipp blamed his absence on some legal fantasy that prohibits him from exercising his first amendment right to free speech. I’ve received no reply to my email to the city attorney asking him to explain exactly the legal fantasy to which Stipp is referring.

Joanne (Yippee) Osborne weighed in with an email to howardsgoodyearblog and other news outlets with correspondence she claims she already had sent out (10 minutes earlier, perhaps?) pledging her opposition to the prison. Unfortunately, she omitted the date of the letter and she has not replied with a dated copy of the correspondence as I requested.

Same question. Why won’t even one Goodyear city official just come clean and admit that they either dropped the ball by not mounting a challenge to the prison or that they are really in favor of just about any new revenue opportunity so they can continue their spending?

I’ll tell you why.  It is because since Goodyear voted in a city council that is all on the same page, and who are all backed by the same money (developers, public unions, and city employees). There is no elected official that they have to worry about saying the “wrong” thing.  Just look at how similar Georgia and Stipp’s language is in their recent correspondence to voters to see this. That was orchestrated.  When we had a 5 – 2 city council and some disagreement between council members before Cavanaugh and Cavaliere quit, all seven of them couldn’t all get together and plan what was public and what they would keep to themselves because they didn’t trust each other enough to do so. Someone might squeal.  Now they can have off site taxpayer paid for “retreats” that have meeting notes prepared by the outside consultant who runs them and no video or audio record of what went on.  Or they can say one thing to voters while their actions demonstrate something else.

Are you getting this Goodyear voters?  They can all agree to tell you one thing and go ahead and plan to do something completely different.  They won’t admit to you that they have other “stakeholders” besides the regular voters whose interests they are protecting.

You just have to follow the money to get it, Goodyear.

Resident input needed on prison
Guest Commentary
Georgia Lord
Goodyear mayorMany citizens contacted me recently voicing strong objections and fierce opposition to the proposed Perryville Prison expansion. The decision of whether or not to expand the prison is made by the Department of Corrections, not the City Council. However, the city and its residents are entitled to make their concerns known and perhaps influence the final outcome.Some of you were disappointed because no council members or staff attended the Aug. 10 Department of Correction’s public hearing at Desert Edge High School. This was not a sign of apathy. In fact, we are extremely concerned and eager to know how residents feel. Public meetings give citizens a chance to hear information for themselves, form their own opinions, and freely offer their input. When officials attend public meetings, they can unintentionally inhibit that process and discourage citizens from speaking up. Thanks to the many people who attended that hearing, as well as letters, emails and phone calls, I now know there are many shared concerns that must be addressed.I assure you, city staff is diligently reviewing information about Perryville Prison dating from the 1980s and the current proposal is being scrutinized. This information will be presented to council along with a staff recommendation at the Monday, Aug. 22 council meeting. But what we need, as your elected representatives, is to hear from you. We want to know what’s on your mind and how you feel about the prison. We encourage you attend the Aug. 22 meeting. Take advantage of the time set aside for public comment and tell the council whether you support or oppose expanding the prison. Be sure to fill out a Speaker Card and give it to the City Clerk when you arrive to ensure your voice is heard. If you are unable to attend, send us an email or a letter stating your position. This is your community, and your input will help determine what’s best for Goodyear’s future.In the meantime, we will continue to look into our citizens’ concerns and objections about the proposed prison expansion. Legislators, the Department of Corrections, the GEO group, the State Attorney General and others have been contacted. But remember, the decision will be made by the Department of Corrections, not the City Council. We are just one of many voices. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to contact the Department of Corrections and our state legislators to share your objections or voice your support. Help show these leaders that we speak as one community. Email me at Georgia.Lord@goodyearaz.gov.

5 Responses

  1. Classic CYA. The ruling elite was caught behind the curve on this one. Please note that the Lord Mayor does not stake out her position on the issue, even though you don’t need a crystal ball to know that a significant majority of Goodyear citizens are opposed to prison expansion.

    We can expect to see a public display of clucking concern for citizen wishes, maybe even a resolution in opposition to any Department of Corrections designs on Goodyear, but no real private pressure. As I said in my Aug. 12 post, it’s the perfect political storm — protest publically but mount no serious private opposition and let the cards fall where they may. If DOC elects not to expand Perryville, claim victory. If they do, blame the state and cash the checks.

  2. What a joke !!! To think that the City of Goodyear has no, none, zero say-so in this project it just a JOKE!

    Who do you think authorizes the build/mod permits? Come on now!!!

    Perhaps build it out near the nuclear plant !!!!

  3. I recently sent an email to Madam Mayor, Council and Staff urging them to think of our children’s future and the legacy they would leave behind. I recall when coming to Goodyear this town was going to be the Scottsdale of the West Valley, not a border town with blue collar prison jobs, I moved to Goodyear from N Scottsdale in 2004 and I did not see any prisons where I lived, just high end homes, great shopping, restaurants, and schools.

    In my email I stated I would not be able to attend on Monday 8/22 and wanted to have my family’s voice heard by Council

    I received two responses from Council Member Pizzillo, I think he has auto reply set on his Outlook if Subject contains “Prison” send this response …..I appreciate the feedback. The prison is on the City Council Meeting agenda this Monday 8/22 for discussion. The council Meeting is at the Justice Facility located at 145th Avenue and Van Buren. The Meeting starts at 6pm. I will be presenting concerns of our citizens, but you are welcome to attend and voice your personal concerns.

    From the Mayor, she has staffed her responses out to Ms Mason; Cindy Mason [Cindy.Mason@goodyearaz.gov]; on behalf of; Georgia Lord [Georgia.Lord@goodyearaz.gov] I received a canned response, but no position on where the Mayor stands.

    Council Member Stipp took the time to formally write a response, although will not be in attendance but has requested to be on a T-Con line to voice concerns

    Vice Mayor Osborne, took the time to send a long and formal as well as personal email showing empathy and connection along with government contacts, directions how to voice my concern, and a proposed resolution to be presented on Monday to Council.

    No response from the other members of Council or Staff

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