The Road to Bankruptcy. More Goodyear Gimmicks.

A friend of mine sent me a recent AZ Republic article about Goodyear’s latest gimmick idea to increase city revenues.  Now Goodyear wants to annex road rights of ways near the proposed 303 / I-10 interchange in order to get $1 million in ADOT “state money”.

Some friend!  He sent this to me while I was on my vacation.  My vacation, mind you.  I know he meant well but did he just want to irritate me while I’m on my vacation?  Here’s the article, thank you very much;

Putting an Obamaesque money today, pay for it later idea of this nature far enough along in consideration so that  it gets into the newspapers just demonstrates how far in over their heads Goodyear city management and elected officials might be.  Consider the following bunch of really easy questions that anyone who has come from a private sector, risk adjusted project evaluation background could think up over their wake up cup of coffee in the morning about a project like this.  I’m certain none of these questions have even been considered by the taxpayer funded “it’s not our money” Goodyear city management and council bunch who have brought us the ball park and the Westcorp deal.  They are too busy drooling over what appears to them to be a possible short term, get rich quick scheme to solve their revenue problems (because they won’t reduce spending) in the form of what appears to them to be a gift wrapped annexation idea.

The developer led annexation of Mobile worked out really well, didn’t it?

Here are ten sanity check questions;

  1. Where can I see a copy of the detailed, written, risk adjusted return on investment project evaluation that shows that this satisfies the future project owners’ (Goodyear) financial return criteria?
  2. Does Goodyear even have a rigorous financial return criteria process?  Judging from Goodyear’s past investments, I don’t think so.
  3. What is “state money” exactly?  Has it been budgeted?  If so, how many years into the future has it been budgeted?
  4. What do the state’s future finances look like?
  5. Will even currently “budgeted” state money be there a few years from now by the time the 303 is completed?  How certain are you of that?
  6. Where is the money that was promised by the tourist authority for the ball park?
  7. Could it cost Goodyear more than $1.1 mil to do worst case road repairs that may be required?
  8. How long exactly will the project take?
  9. How good are state compiled road project completion estimates? (HA!)
  10. What happens to the cost of asphalt that Goodyear might have to provide to fix the annexed roads if the price of oil goes to $200 per barrel?

YOU CAN BET, that there is some developer (and his lobbyist friends) behind this idea in some way, shape, or form.  Someone made a phone call to someone and said, “hey, John, I’ve got this really, really good idea for the city that I think you should look in to.”  This road annexation (and improvement, of course) will in some way benefit some developer opportunist who feeds at the public trough to get some them get another project done either cheaper or better down the road near the 303 I-10 interchange.

Now there’s money that you can take to the bank.

My easy to use email list of Goodyear city officials in the left hand column can help you tell your elected officials how you feel about this. Or, just cut and paste my questions above and ask them if  “All of these questions were considered and answered by city management before they announced this to the newspapers”.

And while you’re at it, email and ask her when she is going to start asking similar obvious questions to city mouth pieces who deliver ridiculous ideas for her to publish.  We don’t want Eddie to get used as a city cheerleader and slip to the level of the West Valley Screw.


2 Responses

  1. Trevizo and Bisker sadly have been become the equivalent to MSNBC news on a local level. Both gals are going out of their way to “prop up” Georgia and her crew so that no matter how bad their decisions are the girl reporters will attempt to make them look good. Did the girl reporters get lonesome for a “grandmotherly” type in their lives and Georgia fit the bill? They seem to hang on her every word for crying out loud. Disgusting… the new name for the prison my friend came up with “Lord’s Ward”.

  2. I recall the class when I was in school, it was called Creative Writing 101

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