We’ll (Threaten to) Sue Whoever Georgia Wants to! – by Gary Gibbs

by Gary Gibbs

Robson Communities, creator of the Pebble Creek franchise in Goodyear, has announced plans for a new development immediately west of the active living enclave. To be called The Penal Colony at Pebble Creek, it will consist of anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 condominiums with minimum to medium style accommodations.

Like Pebble Creek, The Penal Colony will be a gated community and feature highly desirable amenities such as 24 hour private armed security, a meal plan for residents, exercise yard and vocational education classes. “It’s a natural progression, considering recent trends in the housing market,” a Robson spokesman said. “Given what’s happened to the market value of existing properties, people are already prisoners in their own homes. The Penal Colony is intended to capitalize on that trend.”

The Goodyear City Council last week took an official stance in opposition to Robson’s grand plans. “We just don’t think it’s up to the standards of the original Pebble Creek,” sniffed Mayor Georgia Lord, 74, a fixture in the Creeker community. “I’ve directed the city manager and city attorney to explore all legal options to prevent this from happening.”

The city may not need to resort to a court case if it is able to exercise a more potent form of leverage. It would have to approve an extension of water and sewer facilities to the planned development. “If they try to deny us sewage service, the excrement, so to speak, will really hit the fan,” a Robson representative said. Refuse refusal could stop Robson in its tracks, although such a move by the municipality would undoubtedly precipitate filing of a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

“Get in line,” city attorney Rorick Massey said when apprised of that possibility, alluding to the fact that the city is already defending a couple of sizeable suits alleging indiscriminate actions by its vaunted police force and some funky real estate dealings surrounding the ball park.

Joining the city to fight Robson’s plans is the Litchfield Elementary School District. “We believe The Penal Colony would severely compromise parents’ desire to send their children to any school site located directly across from an active living community,” the district’s superintendent said. ”Such places in close proximity to schools just don’t pass any test of common sense. By definition, the people who live there don’t want to have anything to do with children.”

Observers believe the school district’s opposition is genuine and heartfelt, but they are skeptical of the city’s posture. “The city wants to wring all the money it can from taxpayers in order to continue expanding the number and pay of its employees,” one city hall watcher said. “The council’s opposition is so much window dressing. They’ll sell their souls and sell out the citizens if it means more revenue.”


6 Responses

  1. Gary, Gated communities of all kinds are their own prisons, many with HOA’s that disregard the Constitution. One small group sits in judgment of all and determines your fate. Interesting article.

    • p.s. I’m for open neighborhoods designed around pedestrian oriented streets with shops, restaurants, and small retail businesses like the charming 19th towns with living space about the businesses.

  2. Why does it seem that after this last city council election PebbleCreek has become the laughing stock of Goodyear? Geeeez

  3. Very entertaining…

  4. Editor’s note. I had to edit this comment from Mr. Koch (former mayor of NYC, we get it) due to bad language. I’ll allow him to comment further if he wants if he can control his name calling and stick to the issues and facts.

    Very witty article and so funny. HA!

    Consider this:

    The Missouri State Penitentiary was within .5 miles of the Missouri Governor’s Mansion, .7 miles from the Missouri State Capitol and less than .5 miles from the nearest elementary school. Homes were also across the street from the prison.

    Since Mr. Robson built PebbleCreek around 1990, the Perryville Prison existed before your elitist enclave. Perhaps you should ask Mr. Robson why he built such a high class development for exclusive people ______ so close to an existing prison. Why did you buy a home so close to an existing prison? You seem to be well informed about your community, in your own far-sighted way, but you didn’t know there was a prison within 3 miles of your house? Does PebbleCreek want to break away from Goodyear and create a kingdom?

    Don’t you have another subject in which to complain? Why there aren’t ________? Why your neighbor plays Johnny Mathis so loud at 6pm when you’re trying to sleep?

    By the way you spelled the name of your development wrong. There’s no space in PebbleCreek.

  5. Ah, spelling. Going forward, I think I’ll spell it Pebble Creak.

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