Property Tax Bills Available; Maricopa County Increases Rate by 18%

From an observant and on the ball neighbor, I am told that you can go to this link;

to find out what your property tax bill is going to be for the coming year.

According to an article in the AZ Republic, Maricopa County raised your property tax rate by 18% when they passed their latest budget.

So we have seen Goodyear raise its rates this year by about 3%, water rates are up, a waste collection increase is being discussed in city council and now Maricopa is socking it to you as well.

Have you had enough yet?

Goodyear is going to need even more revenue soon if the economy does not turn around and your property taxes are their best and most reliable source.  If you don’t like your new tax bill, email city council using my easy to use city council email list shown in the top of the column to the left of this post under “2011 Goodyear Elections” then click on “City of Goodyear Easy to Use Email List”.

And you can email your Maricopa District 4 supervisor, Max Wilson to tell him how you feel about them spending more of your money at;


One Response

  1. They have to raise the taxes to pay for the hundred of millions in legal fees for all the political enemies destroying one another at taxpayers’ expense — MCSO, MCAO,MCBOS, with no end in sight of years of litigation — paying lawyers $600.00 per hour while the ordinary person can no longer find a decent lawyer or afford to defend themselves.

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