Your Tax Dollars at Work, Did Wally Know?, and Who Lied to GEO?

Wally Campbell AGREED to respond to my questions for this article. (Thanks to Wally!)

Your Tax Dollars at Work

On July 27 GEO prepared a summary of their ADC proposal and GEO’s lobbyists, KRB, sent it to Goodyear. KRB 3 page talking points0001

On August 3, Goodyear staffer Romina Khananisho asked for a shorter version for council which she received from KRB. KRB dumbed down version for council0001

Leading up to August 18, with the help of Nora Fascenelli, Goodyear Public Information Officer, Khananisho had prepared a council version which included much of the original EO information in it as well as a short historical intro from Sen John Nelson. From the cover email for this document, they seemed to be pleased with how it turned out. Council talking points final

Goodyear was basing their “talking points” for council members to use with constituents on information received from prison lobbyists.

But by the 18th, with citizens and connected Georgia Lord contributors like Arnott Duncan of Duncan Farms, and developer George Quinif of Peak Group LLC outraged that Goodyear did not even attend the August 10 public meeting let alone send GEO’s lobbyists packing when they first contacted Goodyear, an opinion section was added to the GEO information. Added were speculative worries about Goodyear’s image, the 303 corridor, and the proximity of the proposed private prison expansion to Pebblecreek. This amended version was given to Goodyear city council as, “talking points”, for their August 22 public meeting.

The same two Goodyear employees (Nora and Romina) also appear to have prepared Georgia’s “My View” for the West Valley View ( Georgia my view email) and as I predicted in a previous post Nora and Romina also prepared the basis for letters sent to constituents from Georgia, which became then basis for letters from Wally, Stipp and others. ( Geogia letter to constits email)

One of the first things people ask me about this entire episode is, “did Wally know?”  You will have to decide for yourself, I have included the facts as I know them below, but to her credit, so far, Wally Campbell is the only person from the city of Goodyear who has agreed to speak with me about this entire debacle.

What Did Wally Know?

About the time Khananisho was preparing the talking points, according to an email from Wally Campbell, Wally email re Boilini  Wally, Lauritano, and Georgia had lunch with Khananisho. According to Wally, that lunch took place on August 3 or 4.   August 3 is when Khananisho asked KRB for shorter talking points for council since calls were just starting to come in. talking points for council members email  In her email, Wally states that she remembered meeting the lobbyist, Kristin, “at the front door”.

Wally stated to me that the topic of the prison was not discussed, that the purpose of the meeting was to get to know city employees like Romina and that these types of meetings are set up often in Goodyear by Georgia. Wally also said that she does not remember anything about GEO coming up during lunch.  In her August 21 email, Wally stated, “I know Romina knew about the prison … because when I had lunch…” however, the whole purpose of Wally’s August 21 email (which was written 10 days after my Information Request) was to find out from Fischbach who knew what, when, about the prison (Wally had read my recent blog asking that question).

On the topic of KRB presenting at the August 22 meeting, Wally wrote to Fischbach urging him to have GEO present at the August 22 meeting.  In my conversation with Wally she reiterated that, “I want to get all sides of things” and that is why she told Fischbach she wanted GEO there.  In her August 19 email, Wally told Fischbach that she “expected principals to be at the meeting… Not just the consulting firm.”  The rest of the email traffic on the page is self explanatory, Fischbach, finding out that he was the one who had left the impression with GEO that they could not present. By the time of Wally’s email it was too late to get anyone from GEO to be there so Kristen from KRB was asked to speak. GEO invite0001

“I Lied to GEO”

Next article.  Khananisho email to Fischbach, “frankly, it looks like I totally lied to this team of people this entire 2 months we have been working with them.” I lied to GEO email0001


3 Responses

  1. If I was Wally I would watch my back around Georgia. Everyone in PebbleCreek knows that Georgia and Wally can’t stand each other and that they only used each other to satisfy their mutual goal of getting themselves elected. Each would throw each other under the bus in a New York minute if the opportunity arose. Wally is a mean spiteful old gal (seemingly going senile) and Georgia is like the mean girl we all knew in high school.

  2. Too funny… Fischbach new about it all along and so did Georgia – it’s good for the city financially. About the others knowing? They all need to watch their backs, because city management and council members would turn on each other to cover their own butts. Sounds like Khananisho was given marching orders and followed through with them and is therefore covering her butt in the email to Fischbach. What a circus.

  3. Howard, I hope this helps to clarify who knew what. For as long as I recall going back about 11 years, councilmembers have met one-on-one with the city manager on a monthly scheduled basis and the mayor has met with the city manager once a week again on a scheduled basis. The subject of increasing the size of the prison had at least three important consequences: first, through increasing the population of Goodyear, it would increase the city’s portion of state revenue sharing and through construction services, increase construction sales taxes; secondly, impact economic development as city would become less desirable a location for upscale housing and commercial; and thirdly, bring about a significant citizen response particularly from those within proximity of the prison.

    In view of the potential consequences and its impact on his job evaluation, there is no reason to suspect the city manager kept the subject of Perryville expansion to himself. Once he knew that the State was seriously considering the expansion, I believe he would have quickly alerted each member of council, certainly to include the mayor, and sought their views. To assume the council and mayor were not in the loop in the beginning is simply naive.

    Lastly, Romina is a staff person. She does what the city manager tells her to do. That’s part of her job. Be watchful that she isn’t thrown under the bus if this subject matter takes a disturbing turn.

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