I Told You So

From a recent message board exchange in Pebble Creek, ( “Wally” is Goodyear council member Wally Campbell);

In a message dated 9/17/2011 11:49:17 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time,
johnandwally@… writes:
The Mall will not be breaking ground the end of this year. The developers
will be coming back to City Council in the fall for another design review
as they are re-thinking the lay out of the mall.
They are on schedule to break ground in 2012 and open in 2013 I believe.

Opps, I guess Nora Fascinelli forgot to send in the newspaper announcement for this important event like the announcement and feature article Fischbach made last year (just before the election) stating that the mall was going to break ground before the end of the year.  Remember, that was about the time that Bill Stipp said everything financially is really not so bad?

AZ Republic?  West Valley Screw?  What do you have to say to your readers now? Where’s the big write up on this new mall delay?  You mean nobody called you?

I hate to gloat (not true) but on June 15, here ($2.3 Mil and Counting) is what I wrote predicting that a delay was exactly what was going to happen. And how about what I reported about Fischbach’s well timed (just before the last election) announcement that Westcor was finally going to break ground by the end of this year? Right again, it was simply the political ploy that I told you it was.

But here’s your worry card, Goodyear property owner and tax payer. In this article from April 27;


I told you about and included a slide presentation from a city council work session of February 15 (here is the slide presentation again, see pages 41-42 2011 2 15 Work Session Presentation )  where I warned you that Goodyear was counting on over $6 mil in tax revenues from the mall by 2014 and over $8.5 mil in tax revenues the next year in order to make their long term spending plans work out. Those kinds of tax revenues would require $255 mil and $372 mil respectively in annual mall sales.

Highly unlikely, said I.

And now Wally tells us that they won’t even break ground until 2013 and it will be a revised plan?  Oh yeah, maybe they’re going to revise the mall to make it bigger…. LOL.

Too bad Goodyear already gave away last year an extension on the minimum requirements language in the contract for a measly $1.3 million (but it helped their budget calculations that year so they could keep spending). If Goodyear hadn’t made that bonehead deal they could now KEEP much of the sales tax revenue (several millions of dollars) that has been collected so far and what might be collected in the future.  Remember, in the terms of the Westcorp deal, in addition to Goodyear funding Westcorp’s $47 million in improvements, Westcorp also gets to keep half of your sales taxes collected for quite some time into the future.

So Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, where do you think Goodyear is going to get all that tax money that they’ve been counting on so they can keep spending?  Do you see now why $13 million in prison construction sales taxes looked so good to them?

Like I’ve been telling you over and over again, each year this city council has been planning for the best and hoping the worst does not happen. Responsible budgeting either public or private does not work that way and you, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, you are on the hook for Goodyear city council’s incompetence.


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  1. HB, I hate to say it, but when you are right, you are really right. How many more months, are we, the citizens and taxpayers, willing to stand for this behavior?

    How many signatures are required to affect a recall of all current council members including our Mayor.

    How many council votes are required to replace city management that is fiscally responsible, honest, shows integrity, just to name a few?

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