CTCA Investigation Begun by howardsgoodyearblog

Editor’s Note.  I have had a few people, mostly supporters of incumbent Goodyear council members, ask me to investigate CTCA for some reason. I have never gotten around to it because council has provided me with so many easier, more timely faux pas instead.  Fortunately for me, someone who was actually there at the time of the CTCA “deal” has written a concise, sensible summary for all of us to read and included it as a comment on another post.  It is so good that I cut and pasted that comment below.  And it appears that the author actually wrote it without the assistance of a city manager and public information officer. Nice to see someone who is willing to talk in terms of dates, times, names, and facts instead of the issue ducking nonsense we get from Georgia Lord these days. Perhaps we didn’t know how good we had it.

PS.  I am told by others (but have not confirmed but it has not been denied either) that Jewel White is Bill Stipp’s sister.

By Jim Cavanaugh

The subject of this specific blog (Citizen Berated by Council) has digressed at least in part from the subject of council berating a citizen to the entirely unrelated subject that I may have acted inappropriately and unethically in a real estate transaction with Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I assume the comments stem from a letter to the editor, West Valley View, dated March 1, 2011 from a Ms. Jewel White.
Ms. White made three specific accusations regarding CTCA and me. First, she stated that my company received a commission of $8.2 Million from a land deal with CTCA. Not sure where she received her info, but she needs to seek out more reliable and dependable resources. Actually, the commission my wife received was handsome for our small company but less than one per cent of Ms. White’s allegation—-that’s right, less than one per cent (editor; 1% would be $82,000). I was never involved in the transaction as a realtor nor as mayor, and CTCA was never on the council agenda during the year or so that negotiations took place between the private parties.
Her second accusation was that CTCA came to Goodyear because I engineered a deal giving them significant tax breaks. Apparently to the sly Ms.White, the land deal commission was a payoff. Let me summarize the facts regarding CTCA coming to Goodyear. When CTCA announced that they were interested in coming to Arizona, three cities vied for the beddown; Tempe, Phoenix, and Goodyear. I and several others met on several occasions with CTCA leadership to press the Goodyear opportunity. However, CTCA chose Phoenix in its Maryville section. After notification that Phoenix had won, I called the vice chairman of CTCA to express our understanding and respect for their process. I never expected to hear from them again. But then, you never know. Negotiations between Phoenix and CTCA got bogged down on the subject of GPLET, a very valuable incentive that results in a reduction in property taxes. Phoenix provided the incentive to companies in downtown Phoenix but not in Maryville and wouldn’t budge. CTCA called our economic development folks and inquired whether Goodyear used GPLETs. As I recall we had not used the incentive but it was authorized for use in the broad land area in which CTCA wanted to build a hospital. We quickly came to agreement and CTCA came on board. Candidly, I did not know what a GPLET was until this transaction and did not engage in the negotiations regarding incentives. To allege that I engineered the deal is ludicrous. In the past couple months, leadership has changed at CTCA. I do not know the current CEO but I did know his predecessor, Dave Veillette. No private organization did more for Goodyear than Veillette and CTCA, nor did any public official. CTCA is great for Goodyear but far more valuable to the patients whose lives they are saving.
Ms. White’s last accusation was that CTCA and Cavanaugh were trying to buy the election and the citizens should expect their candidates to cut deals for them to the detriment of the City. I have no idea what CTCA contributed in campaign funding. Sadly, in view of the election results, Ms. White will never know whether CTCA “bought” the candidates they supported. However, if she pays attention, she’ll find out if the thousands of dollars given to the Lord group by her non-Goodyear supporters who own land and intend to develop in Goodyear, the police and fire unions from throughout the State, APS, Cox, and the Homebuilders Association of Central Arizona “bought” their candidates.


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