howardsgoodyearblog Fact Checks Arizona Republic.

Just to return the favor (AZR fact checked me improperly this past summer) I’ve decided to fact check the AZR.

AZR without doubt failed this fact check.

In today’s paper, your AZR “good news” reporter John Yentis (I guess Eddie didn’t provide enough good news so AZR got a replacement to cover GY) reports that there is a new “Pennsylvania-based” company named Saint-Gobain (StG) coming to GY who is going to get tax dollars from the state, the Feds, and soon, even your tax dollars from the city of GY.  All this in order to fill an empty building on Cotton Lane that was probably a deal to StG even without incentives and bring a whopping 50 new jobs to GY.

Except that Staint-Gobain is not a Pennsylvania based company as Mr. Yentis mistakenly reported.  StG is a 40 billion euros per year (about $60 billion US) company and they are headquartered at, Les Miroirs, 18 Ave. d’Alsace, 92400 Courbevoie, France. Here is the “English translation” of their annual report. Rapport_annuel_2010_EN

So how do you all feel now about giving your hard earned tax dollars to a $60 billion French company so that they can hire 50 people?

Yantis, you get ZERO stars, your report that StG is a PA based company is completely false.  They may have a US division in PA that allowed them to tell you they were US based but you did not do your homework properly.

Or do you think that Yantis just didn’t check what GY info officer Nora gave him to print and that GY doesn’t know it either?  Oops.


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