Skykids Charity by Bill Antonucci

by Bill Antonucci

There’s a new charity in town and they need your help.

A few of our friends and neighbors have organized a 501c(3) charity in Goodyear that is dedicated to enriching the lives of children with special needs. This all volunteer organization will provide the children with rides in small general aviation airplanes. The children will be allowed to “fly” the planes and experience the rewards and excitement of flight.

The Phoenix-Goodyear Airport is on board and has committed to making the event a success. Lux Air, the fixed base operator at Goodyear Airport, has offered their help with space on the airport, volunteers and fuel discounts for the pilots.

While all events of SKY KIDS are conducted solely with volunteers, it takes a lot of donations to make them happen. Insurance, food, equipment and the entire infrastructure necessary for a successful event requires several people and money. Your help is needed.

SKY KIDS need people to match planes with families, entertain children waiting for their turn to fly, watch people in the area to keep them from moving aircraft that can be dangerous and several other duties. And donations are needed to raise the necessary funds for food, insurance and all the things that will be required to make the day a success for the children.

Visit SKY Kids at to learn more. The “Donations” page will show how you can donate and volunteer your time. And spread the word. Share Howard’s Goodyear Blog and Sky Kids websites with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to help to give these children the experience of a lifetime.

Editor’s note;  For more information, DO NOT contact howardsgoodyearblog, go to the Sky Kids website shown above.


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  1. great idea!

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