Valley Wide Industrial Property Demand Surge

Oh, great.

Commercial real estate firm Collier International has reported collier Q3 2011  that industrial property vacancy rates valley wide have dropped to pre 2008 levels of less than 15%.  AZ Republic is calling valley industrial property a “hot buy”.

GY city council panicked and gave away your taxes in the form of  incentives to attract companies while vacancies were plentiful and the properties were going for fire sale prices.   Georgia is now taking credit for “attracting” these firms to GY Infocus 2011 100001 with sweet industrial property deals and tax breaks while the rest of the valley has been improving without their help and your tax money.

Now that many of these GY properties have been occupied and vacancy rates are down, GY no longer has the benefit of a lot of empty, immediately available property that should now start to command a premium. But thanks to GY city council, your tax dollars will continue to be paid for years to come to our new corporate welfare recipients including Suntek, Sub Zero, SAS, St. Gobain, and others.

In the financial markets, for every seller there is a buyer and for every buyer there is a seller.  One person’s sell low loss is someone else’s buy low bargain.  To experienced investors, GY’s buy high and sell low strategy is typical of the behavior of a novice investor who has little or no experience, discipline, patience, nor the competence to make money in the financial markets.  They come in, they make some emotional purchases, they get burned and they drop out.  Wall St. professionals profit every day by the credo attributed to P. T. Barnum that, “there’s a sucker born every minute”.

It’s the same problem with Barnum’s “suckers” in GY’s city council.  When it comes to things business and financial, they appear to lack experience, discipline, patience, and competence and to my amazement, nearly every day they deliver an apparently near endless stream of examples of their incompetence for me to continue writing about.

Georgia refers to me at council meetings when she says that the problem in GY is that, “some (have a) “political agenda”.  Who needs a political agenda when these people offer free entertainment nearly every day with examples of their incompetence?

Entertaining, yes.  Funny, no.  It might be funny only if it was being done with someone else besides GY taxpayers’ money.


2 Responses

  1. Now I feel stupid. That’s celared it up for me

  2. […] industrial properties in the valley.   Here is my article about from October 13 on that topic.  Too bad Goodyear has already given away the store in corporate welfare to Suntech, SAS, SubZero […]

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