Gilbert Changed Their Election Cycle in 45 Days. Why Can’t Goodyear?

Read on, please, I have an easy four step job below for all of you.

Here is a link to the August 18, 2011 Gilbert, AZ town council meeting where Gilbert voted on a citizen sponsored recommendation to move Gilbert elections to the fall in order to save the city money.  This is the exact same idea that the folks from GoodyearVotes have proposed for the city of Goodyear (link to Goodyearvotes facebook page at the very bottom of this post).

Here are the actual meeting minutes where the vote was taken and passed 5 – 2 in favor of moving the elections. Gilbert meeting minutes  The issue was brought up in Gilbert in July of 2011, voted on and passed by Gilbert Town Council in less than 45 days.

Now that is responsive local government.

Here is a link to the local Gilbert town blogger (Gilbert Watch) who has challenged and changed Gilbert’s council climate.

Now I have an easy four step job for all of you out there.

1. Here are the email addresses of Goodyear’s City Council Members.  Just cut and paste these into your email TO space;,,,,,,,,,

2. Here is a simple email you can cut and paste into the body of your email to Goodyear City Council;

Dear Goodyear City Council;

An organization that calls itself Goodyearvotes claims that Goodyear can save a significant amount of money on election costs if the city of Goodyear will simply move elections from their current times to coincide with state and national fall elections.

I believe them.

As a Goodyear resident, I want you to do everything you can to move Goodyear’s next possible election cycle to coincide with state and national fall elections in order to save Goodyear money.  If it can’t be done this way, I would like to see Goodyear city council get behind this initiative so it gets done as quickly as possible otherwise.

I would appreciate a reply to my email to tell me where you stand on this issue.  No spin or excuses please.



Goodyear Resident (including your address would also add a lot to your message).

3. Send your email.

4. Send a link to this howardsgoodyearblog article to all your Goodyear resident friends when you forward your email to them.  Especially to those who normally disagree with you.

GoodyearVotes facebook page link


3 Responses

  1. Gilbert also knows how to vote out incumbent city council members who were bamboozled by the public employee unions similar to the shenanigans going on here in Goodyear. Got rid of all three of them in one try. Let’s hope the group who made that happen in Gilbert this past spring is paying attention to what is happening in Goodyear.

  2. Thank you again for the additional publicity as this is truly a non partisan issue and should be a fiscal no brainer. By the way, the cost savings were computed with input from the Goodyear City Clerk who provided the details of cost per voter when the city pays all the costs and the costs per voter when the costs are shared with other government agencies. Goodyear Votes put that information together with the amount of registered voters in Goodyear and it was easy to compute the savings. I would appreciate anyone willing to circulate a petition through their neighbor to contact me directly at or 623.326.6741. The sooner Goodyear Votes can get this in front of the city council with the required signatures the sooner it will be reality. Target is to have this initiative in front of the council for their approval before the end of the year. I can’t imagine the council not being willing to jump on board with this citizen sponsored cost savings initiative, especially when the West Valley View jumped on as a supporter when the City of Avondale did the same thing about a year ago.
    Kind Regards,
    Chairwoman, Goodyear Votes

    • Perhaps a letter to the editor campaign to the west valley screw is in order for you and your supporters. I can’t wait to see the Roy Azzerrillo reply! What will he come up with to oppose easy money savings. Maybe he’d want them to apply it to his “road murals” project that he wants LOL

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