And the Emmy Goes to; Taxpayers @ $450 per SECOND. GY Hires “Video Specialist”

I am not making this stuff up.  Not only that, but near bankrupt GY provides me with these examples of wasteful spending and incompetent mismanagement of your tax dollars on an almost daily basis.  They are so proud of this recent wasteful spend that they even made a news release about it.

GY won some prizes recently for a three minute video that they put together about GY.  We’re a good place to do business and all that.  Georgia is in the video.  In fact she’s in it twice.  Georgia, Joe P., and Fischbach take up about 10% of the total time of the video or about 20 seconds which means that their appearances in the video only cost taxpayers about $9,000.  Their presence also means that the video is dated and will have to be updated if one or more of them are not re-elected/re-hired.

Here is a link to the news release;

Here’s the video;

After submitting an FOIA request for information to GY my best estimate is that all in this 3 minute video cost GY at least in excess of $80,000 to produce.  Of course GY does not know exactly how much it cost the city over the nearly two year period of time that it was produced because GY failed to keep track of how many city employee hours were consumed in its production.  All they could provide me with was a little over $40,000 in receipts for outside work done on the video plus nearly 200 pages of emails just between GY’s communications director and outside providers (because I also asked for that).  Since GY “honored” several employees for their work on the video at a recent council meeting there must have been others involved.  Plus, during the project GY went ahead and hired a “video specialist” named Lanie who took over “details” of completing the video for GY communications. I just doubled the outside work cost for a total, but it could be much more.

Oh, but they got a “grant” to cover some of the expenses.  It’s still your money.

Can you imagine our town of 65,000 has a video specialist? I feel so much better now that I know my bankrupt city has a video specialist. Can it be long now until more city videos are in the works?

According to the press release, besides the Emmy award, GY’s video won 5 “prestigious” other awards this year. And one was an Emmy. An Emmy!

But it’s not an Emmy from the ATAS like you see on TV (they failed to mention that?).  They’re in LA. This is an Emmy from the NATAS, a completely separate organization from New York that caters to regional small time promotion of the video and entertainment business (more below).

Three other awards were from an organization that calls itself 3CMA (you’ll see why they disguise their name later) and one from an international economic development organization.  Impressive, eh?  And only $450 per second.

The Facts;

GY won the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter (RMSC) of the NATAS (Emmy) award.  I don’t know how many members the Rocky Mountain Chapter has, but the last time their web site shows them giving out awards was three years ago in 2008. Maybe they just thought their members were in need of more recognition with the bad economy and all so they decided 2011 was the year.  There were 25 pages of nominees in about 70 different categories so everybody wins!  2011NATAS-RMSWNOMINEES .  Entertainment industry self aggrandizement at its best.

In GY’s category there were only TWO (2) nominees.  GY was fortunate to win over their only competitor in this category, a film by students from New Mexico State U-Grants.

GY spent $80,000 to win an Emmy  over a student produced video.

GY’s “Emmy winning video” also won THREE (3) awards from 3CMA.  3CMA is the City-County Communications & Marketing Association.  This is a professional society who people like city communications directors belong to whose mission (as stated on their web site) is dedicated to,  “improving government/citizen relationships … through the application of marketing strategies and techniques”.  They’re teaching each other how to sell ‘ya, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer.  And better yet, you’re probably even paying for their membership dues.  It also serves as a “professional society” which means it gives members good contacts for future job interviews when they are ready to move on and get paid even more (perhaps because their resume will shout, “I WON AN EMMY!”) ,

3CMA presents the SAVVY Awards.  I would say that it’s pretty savvy to be able to not only sell ‘ya, but to do it with your own money.  This time there were (only) 18 pages of winners. On page 3 of this document winners list  GY won the Silver Circle Award in the category for “cities between 0 and 66,000 population“.  And there are only SEVEN different city population categories too.

I didn’t bother looking at the other two awards 3CMA gave GY.  You need more proof these are all boondoggles?

And finally, the international award.

GY won this “prestigious” award from the IEDC or International Economic Development Council. Yep, another public employee professional society.  And they are so international that they are located in the hub of lobby-dom, Washington, DC. IEDC’s mission according to their web site (and remember I’m not making this up) is, “dedicated to helping economic developers … rais(e)ing the profile of the profession”.

Who submits the nominees?  Why members, of course, who did you think?  And it only costs $160 per submission (your money again). And the IEDC has 33 regular categories of awards and 4 different city sizes for each award. Something for everyone! That would bring us to a total of over 134 different award categories.  Oh yeah, and you are “encouraged” to attend the award ceremony in North Carolina, I think.


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