Dick’s Sporting Goods Plans $30 mil GY Distribution Center

Editor’s note.   NEVER MIND!

I wrote this post on December 1. Today, December 2, the AZ Republic has reported that in fact GY city council just couldn’t help themselves and they have given away millions of dollars more of GY taxpayers money to “attract” Dick’s to PV303 including GY agreeing to write Merit Partners (a local real estate development company) a $500,000 check to pay for a sewer line to the Dick’s facility. Council voted on it in their Nov 28 meeting which was apparently not posted when I looked.

Did I read this correctly?  A business decides to locate in Goodyear and GY city council did not have to give them any taxpayer money?   I’m up to date on my GY city council meeting minutes and I don’t see anything about giving Dick’s Sporting Goods any taxpayer money to come to GY so perhaps it’s true. Imagine that!

AZ Republic reported that Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) will open a distribution center which will employ about 300 people in Goodyear’s PV 303 industrial park.  They appear ready to spend in excess of $30 million on the empty piece of land they bought from Sunbelt Holdings who purchased the entire plot last year from APS (that’s right, your electric company started the PV 303 development.  I have yet to look into how much APS lost on the deal when they sold it to Sunbelt and where they wrote it off, but I’m working on it.  You can bet if they wrote it off that you and I are paying for it somewhere in our electric bills).

Did the city of Goodyear have to give Dick’s incentives to locate here, spend over $30 million and plan to hire 300 people?  Apparently not.  That’s because there is a shortage of industrial properties in the valley.   Here is my article about from October 13 on that topic.  https://howardsgoodyearblog.com/2011/10/13/valley-wide-industrial-property-demand-surge/  Too bad Goodyear has already given away the store in corporate welfare to Suntech, SAS, SubZero and others.  If Georgia and her other council meddlers had just sat back and waited, those properties would probably be filled by now and Goodyear’s taxpayers would not be providing them millions in corporate welfare tax breaks while the town goes bankrupt and Georgia & Co plans to increase your utility bills by over 25% in the next few year (see https://howardsgoodyearblog.com/2011/11/15/gy-financial-forecast-utility-increases-debt-extension-hope-smoke-and-mirrors/ ).

But Georgia just can’t stop crowing about it as she has again in her most recent “In Focus” magazine.  At the same time, she touts as helpful to Goodyear Georgia’s participation in the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, another proponent of valley corporate welfare who thinks they can pick winners in the solar, biotech, and other fields. Here is what I think of GPEC https://howardsgoodyearblog.com/2011/10/08/why-wont-they-just-tell-the-truth/


2 Responses

  1. Apparently, Dick’s is an AMERICAN owned company?? Aren’t the others foreign owned companies?

  2. […] they decided to write a check for $500,000 so Merit Partners, a Scottsdale real estate developer, could close a deal and help pay Dick’s Sporting Goods for a sewer pipe to their new GY location https://howardsgoodyearblog.com/2011/12/01/dicks-sporting-goods-plans-30-mil-gy-distribution-center/ […]

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