Does the News Media Report the Truth? Heartburn and Other Misleading Articles

Of course they do. They report somebody’s truth, anyway.  In Goodyear, they mostly report John Fischbach’s or Georgia Lord’s or Nora Fascinelli’s or Paula Illardo’s truth to you. Why do you think GY has a chief information officer in Nora Fascinelli? Do you think that what she gives the news media is unbiased?  Whatever happened to checking into things?  Perhaps since the print media in the entire world is near bankrupt, including the New York Times, maybe they just don’t have the resources to find out what is really going on anymore so they just print what Nora and others give them.*

Did you think that everything you read in your local paper or see on “hard news” reporting TV programs is true?  Not necessarily.  And the news media does not claim that it is true either.  You don’t have to believe me, just call up the AZ Republic and ask them if they will guarantee that everything printed in their newspaper is true. I think that they will tell you that they have “reported accurately” everything in their paper but they won’t make judgements about whether or not it is true.  Big difference.

I learned a long time ago when I first got involved in a civic project that the news media takes little responsibility for reporting the truth, they just report what people tell them.

News media outlets also censor, or propagandize what they report.  How do they do that? Simple.  First, they choose what to report or more importantly, what NOT to report.  Second, they use language to influence the tone of what they are reporting.  What you see in final print is always going to be directed in some ways towards the opinions of the reporters and editors who put the newspaper together.

Before I move on to Goodyear, here are two national examples of what I am talking about.

1. Watch Fox News for an hour on any day of the week when their “hard news” programs like Special Report or Shepard Smith’s Fox Report are on. Then turn the channel and watch CNN’s “hard news” programs like Wolf Blitzer.  IT IS AS IF THE TWO STATIONS ARE REPORTING ON TWO DIFFERENT DAYS OR FROM TWO DIFFERENT PLANETS. Most of the discrepancy can be found in what they choose to report vs WHAT THEY LEAVE OUT.  I personally believe most of the censorship and propaganda comes from what they choose NOT to report.

2. Fracturing. Here is an article Fracing Article0001 in last week’s AZ Rep from the Associated Press on fracking.  I’m not taking a position on fracking in this post, but just read the reporter’s language used to describe what is going on in Ohio.  She starts by describing fracking as, “leading (to Ohio becoming an) importer of waste water from gas drilling”.  Then she goes on to describe fracking as, “blasting millions of gallons of water, laced with chemicals“, into the ground”.  Now come on. Importing waste water?  Blasting laced with chemicals?  Does this reporter have an agenda or what?  And this is the AP!

Here is how the US Department of Energy describes the “hazards” associated with fracking Fracturing Fluids .   They say that dilute hydrochloric acid is the main non water component of fracking fluids and those diluted acid fracking fluids normally make up only 1/2 to 2 % of the entire frack fluid. At the end of the day the dilute HCl is diluted to less than 1:122 in water before it is pumped into the ground. That is about 90% less than 1%.

Should the use of dilute hydrochloric acid in fracking give you heartburn?  Perhaps, because  the most common naturally occurring hydrochloric acid is already in your stomach and is known as gastric acid.

That’s right, the main chemical that the AP reporter referred to as laced into frack water in small amounts is already in your tummy.

What Happens in Goodyear; WVV Bias

Why is the West Valley View so biased in favor of the incumbent GY administration?  Sure, they endorsed them all but don’t they have some civic responsibility to honestly report the events of the day?  I wonder in this day of ebay and Craigslist and shrinking classified advertising what percentage of WVV’s ad revenues come from GY’s public notices and other advertising GY runs in the WVV?  Maybe someone from the WVV would care to comment on that? Here are a couple of recent WVV articles as examples.

Example 1. Prison Expansion Cancelled Article WVV on Prison Cancellation0001

Arizona scrapped the proposed prison expansion in Goodyear, no thanks to GY mayor Georgia or city management who were working on proposals with GEO Corp, one of the bidders, months before residents found out and made a stink about it.  But look how WVV reports the cancelled expansion.  A front page article with a full color photo of Georgia’s smiling face to highlight the article and quotes by Georgia about how pleased she is that it’s been cancelled. Talk about complicit coverup. They are practically crediting someone who looked the other way to allow the expansion with its cancellation.

WVV goes further to say that the GY council strongly opposed the prison.  Well yeah, after months of secretly encouraging it, after GY residents found out about it they held a puppet show at city hall and all spoke out about how much they agreed with citizens now that it had been found out.

WVV has never reported that the truth to this story, which howardsgoodyearblog uncovered, was that GY internal emails clearly showed that the city, including Georgia, was encouraging GEO to build here .

Example 2. Goodyear Satisfaction Survey results article. WVV survey article0001

More on this in a later post, but to read Sara Clawson’s WVV article, one would think that everything is rosy in GY and that all the residents love everything about GY. Even the AZ Republic reported that the survey showed that quality of life in GY neighborhoods were “significantly lower” than in 2004, and that the excellent quality of life in their neighborhoods response dropped a whopping 27% from a high of 55 to currently 40%.

But WVV’s Sara does not even mention that. Instead, she spends nearly a third of her report talking about bulk trash pick up and the $1.36 increase to people’s bills if we continue it.

Example 3.  I can’t wait to see how the WVV reports on Roger Matlin’s trial or if they even report it at all.  Their reporter Brent sat in the same audience as I did and heard the same testimony.  Let’s see how he and the WVV editors spin this one in Goodyear’s favor. That should be pretty interesting.

Maybe it’s not all their fault. I’ll bet the good reporters at WVV are on tight schedules and mostly report whatever GY Information Officer Nora Fascinelli gives them. Perhaps verbatim. Did they even get a copy of the satisfaction survey and read it before they wrote their article?  I’ve been trying to get a copy of it from Nora and Paula Illardo since late December and they finally told me this week to submit a records request rather than just email it to me. **

But that does not explain WVV’s front page color photo of Georgia and their lack of reporting on GY’s complicity in the prison debacle. I’ll keep looking into this this, though, and maybe I’ll find an explanation eventually.

* Just look at what happened recently to GY resident Nancy McFillin.  She sent in a proper records request (not to Nora, to the city clerk under the Freedom of Information Act) asking for complete copies of the Pendleton case report from the outside law firm Gallagher & Kennedy.  She got the same 40 page summary report (although I can’t find the description ‘summary’ anywhere on it) that is currently posted by the AZ Republic on their web site. G&K AZ REP report. But Nancy didn’t believe that was all there was and looked elsewhere. What she found was a 700 page complete report plus a 500 page DPS report.  More on this in later posts.

** Still trying to get a complete copy of the Goodyear Satisfaction Survey, I’ve submitted a written records request for the full survey with the exact date that an email was sent from the survey company to Paula with a copy of the survey attached.  Paula could have just forwarded that email to me weeks ago. But that is how the Georgia Lord administration is run in Goodyear these days. We’ll see if Goodyear forwards the email to me. They might just tell me that they, “can’t” do that and instead will make a paper copy and charge me $0.50 per page for it.


3 Responses

  1. Howard, Thank you for your diligent ongoing investigative work and blogging so the public can see what is going on in Goodyear. Truly disturbing.

  2. I too enjoyed the revisionist history printed in the WVV regarding the prison expansion situation. Clearly GY was angling for the expansion behind the scenes. In lieu of of millions in construction and business sales tax, they’ll just have to settle for playing the role of “heroes.”

  3. […] my previous article post, (Does the News Media Report the Truth?) I showed you how the news media can turn reporting into propaganda by simply leaving things out, […]

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