Former GY Police Chief Assistant Asks, “When Will the MCSO, AZ AG, or the DOJ Investigate the City of Goodyear’s Police Department?”

by John Rowan, former Goodyear police chief assistant

As everyone in the community is aware, Goodyear City Government and in particular the Goodyear Police Department have had numerous allegations of misconduct and corruption levied against them.  Recently to counter these charges the Goodyear Police Department arrested one of their own.  Did they arrest the police officer who it was alleged struck and killed an 18 year-old boy while on duty? No. Did they arrest the investigator who allegedly covered up this misconduct; or the two police sergeants that were on the scene; or the police lieutenant that was responsible for all the officers working at that crime scene? No.

Did they arrest the former commander who in his official statement could not remember if he went to the homicide scene of a horrific death; or the then police chief who was forced into retirement as a result of mishandling this investigation and allowing the officer in question to take vital evidence, (the police car) home?  No again.

Or was the interim police chief who continued an obstructionist policy preventing the community from getting to the truth arrested?  No.

It was none of the above. Instead, a police sergeant who after the fact supervised the officer who may very well be responsible for the death of Jered Pendleton was arrested. (Editor’s note; the sergeant in question was arrested on charges of document falsification which have since been dismissed. See two articles linked below).

A commander of the Goodyear Police Department was so excited to have this sergeant arrested, that he illegally released information about the case to the press.  This over-enthusiasm on his part resulted in a separate investigation of the police commander.  Now we learn that the City of Goodyear Police Department had absolutely no credible evidence to place this individual under arrest. (Arizona Republic  1/18/2012 and West Valley View  1/20/2012).  In fact, GY PD claims that a member of their command staff accidentally destroyed and sold the evidence to a member of the public and that they are unable to retrieve it. This would seem to be both highly unlikely as well as unusual.

This history of unusual and unlikely events raises the question, “what kind of police department do we have attempting to enforce the laws in Goodyear?”

What did the arrested sergeant, after the fact, learn about the officer in question regarding the death of Jered Pendleton?  Did the former police commander perjure himself in the Grand Jury in order to have this sergeant falsely arrested?  Or was this just another attempt to destroy the credibility of another employee, so the truth would not come out? How many more people will be victims of retaliation in an attempt to hide the truth?

At the same time that a judge dismissed the case against the police sergeant, the former Goodyear commander who had numerous allegations against him, (which may now include perjury) was reviewed by the Board of Arizona Peace Officers where they voted to allow him to keep his police certification so that he can now apply for a job in any police department in America. This board is a state agency that oversees the police certifications for all law enforcement officers within the State of Arizona.  AZPOST was made aware that the baseless allegations against the police sergeant were going to be thrown out but  AZPOST actually moved the commander’s hearing from February to January 18th  which prevented the information on the commander’s actions from being brought forward during the commander’s review.

With all this smoke coming out of the City of Goodyear and its Police Department what is it going to take before the Maricopa County Sheriff, the Attorney General, or the Department of Justice takes appropriate action to protect the citizens of this community from obviously systemic corrupt police department by conducting a thorough, unbiased, public corruption investigation?

(All of the information contained within this article can be verified by placing a Freedom of Information Act Public Request to the City of Goodyear and ask for the full Gallagher & Kennedy Report (763 pages), DPS Criminal Investigation (350 pages), City emails pertaining to the David Bryant prosecution; Maricopa County Attorney’s Office records on the David Bryant case; and all records filed in the US District Court of Arizona (Federal Court) for Pendleton vs. City of Goodyear and Woodmansee vs. City of Goodyear.)


8 Responses

  1. Great question. The title says it all. It’s time people wake up, take action and begin to write the DOJ Fraud division and some of their other divisions. Thanks to the hard work of Howard, a concerned citizen, we wouldn’t know about all this. Had we known more we certainly wouldn’t have moved to Goodyear much less Arizona “prison state” — a state “controlling” the people, taking their assets and tossing them out or into prison. Do the research.

  2. Well said John. There is so much more that the city SHOULD be investigated for, including “mobbing” of employees (it really is a known group activity – google “mobbing employees” for the details on the technique), miss spending of bond money, associations, the ball park debacle…etc. I tried and failed to get any reaction from the AG, EEOC or any other department that “oversees” these types of illegal actions. HOPEFULLY, the current residents of COG will open their eyes and mouths and speak up as well. There is power in numbers. And yes, we could say the past is the past and let’s move on, but in reality, past actions, spending and cover-ups is what has gotten the city into the mess they are in today. You cannot just sweep it under the rug and those responsible NEED to be held accountable. Thank you for being the man you are.

  3. thank you John for your continued support. You are an amazing man.

  4. There is often a thin line between whistle blower and disgruntled employee. Sleeping with the help doesn’t enhance one’s credibility, either. Let’s move on. Nothing to see here.

    • Gary, You may want to move on but we have questions. Please clarify your comment which is ambiguous.

    • disgruntled? how long has he been disgruntled? When he first testified over 2 yrs ago? or only after he was fired? Do you have kids Gary? If one of them was murdered would you want to know what happened? How can you say, lets move on.? Jereds family is forever stuck in 2008, because no one wants to tell the truth about the accident that killed him. its pathetic.

  5. Gary for someone who was running for Council, I am sad to see this attitude. There is no thin line here, this is another fact and whistleblow and there is no disgruntled employee. As for the comment about sleeping with the help, you have sadly gone into the bitter category. Facts don’t lie and if there was nothing to the claims then why hasn’t a Federal Judge granted a dismissal. The facts just keep coming out. I’m sorry you didn’t win your election, but Goodyear needs cleaned up and its starts at the top.

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